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Yes she can it really doesn't matter which sex asks the other out.

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Q: Should a woman ask a man out?
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Should A Woman Ask A Man To Merry Her?

Break the tradition, i would.

What does it mean when a woman takes a watch off a man?

It doesn't mean anything. You should ask the specific woman who is doing this.

What kind of a married man ask a single woman out?

someone you should dump

What did Susan B Anthony ask for women?

she asked that man and woman should have the same rights

Should a single woman ask a committed man out to dinner?

No. Would you want some single woman asking YOUR boyfriend/husband on a date?

What is ssex?

well if you dont know then if your a boy 12 and younger then you should ask your dad or a man that you trust or if your a lady then you should ask your mom or a woman that is trustworthy or you trust

Can a women ask a man to get married?

Yes, she can. Although it is a tradition for a man to ask the woman.

If the man is expected to approach and ask a woman on a date what is a woman expected to do?

Actually, men are not "expected" to do the asking in this modern age. If a man decides to ask a woman on a date, the only expectation he is entitled to is that the woman either accept the invitation or refuse it graciously. He should also expect to accept her response graciously.

How can a man give his woman sexual satisfaction?

Ask your woman, and be patient.

How do you know if a man is involved with a woman?

Ask him.

If a woman likes me how do I ask her for a date?

ask her if you want to date ask her be brave man

If a man says to a woman can i ask you a question what question will the woman normally expect him to ask her?

"Are you married?" or "What are you doing tonight?"