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If she is pregnant. You should discuss which vitamins with your doctor.

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Q: Should a 17 year old take prenatal vitamins?
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Can prenatal pills help you get pregnant after birth control pill?

No, they are what they sound like "prenatal". Your hormones need to "kick in" after taking the pill and that may take a few months before you "normal". Some women get to normal fairly fast, but I think the longer you are on the pill the longer it will take for your body to regulate it's self. Edit: Prenatal vitamins are just that.....vitamins. They don't affect your hormone levels or your ability to conceive. They simply make your body healthier and more able to support a baby once you become pregnant. As the above person stated, it depends on how long you took your birth control pills as to how soon you can become pregnant. Then again, that also depends woman-to-woman. Some can get pregnant within a month, whereas others can take 6 months to a year to get pregnant. If you are having issues conceiving, talk to your doctor.

Should a 13 year old boy take Creatine 189?

Yes, Creatine is great for young teenagers and expecially if they are and any physical sports (football, basketball ect.) but kids under the age of 13 should take Wheybolic extreme 60. And 9 and under should take vitamins only.

Can a 13-year-old take diet pills?

Absolutely not. No, a 13-year-old should not take diet pills.

How many calories should a 59 year old woman of 170 lbs take in to lose weight?

You should not eat anything........

How many calories should a thirteen year old girl take in if she is 4 ft 8?

On average, a 13 year old girl should take in 1700-2100 calories a day to remain healthy. Seeing as you are shorter, then I'm guessing you should intake the lower amount of calories.

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How many prenatal vitamins in one day?

2 in one in a half of type year

What are prenatal pills taken for?

Prenatal vitamins are for maternal health - they should be taken by women who plan to have a child (it is common to start a year before expecting) - should also be taken entire pregnancy and after for breastfeeding moms. Many OBGYNs tell women flintstone vitamins will suffice - which is b.s. If they make you "sick" like I've heard some complain of - then you should break them in half and take them with food ... or stop taking the RX ones - and get food based ones from a Natural Health Store - which I recommend anyway.

What vitamins should a 54 year old female take?

The best vitamins to take for a female over 45 years of age will vary depending on her health conditions. In excellent health, a female might take a multi-vitamin plus iron at this age.

Can a 65 year old woman with high blood pressure take a prenatal vitamin?

Prenatal, as the word implies, is best for pregnant women. With the expense of prenatal vitamins and since they are designed to support pregnancy, it makes no sense for a 65-year old woman to buy a product she really doesn't need. A good multi-vitamin will supply your daily dietary vitamin needs. Your doctor can suggest other supplements IF you need them.

I am planning to start my family by this year end by when should i start taking prenatal vitamins and which one should i take?

Start taking your prenatal vitamins now. A friend of mine said her doctor had her start taking extrafolic acid 6 months before she conceived. I read that taking prenatal vitamins early can aid in fertility. I know that the benefits of folic acid start at conception. Most women start taking prenatal vitamins around the 3 month of pregnancy, by then the benefit of folic acid have lessened. The nutrients are extremely important during pregnancy and beyond, unfortunately most vitamins we take are not even digested and absorbed by the body. I took Chews4health during my last pregnancy. I have 4 children and took several different types of prenatal vitamins, most made my stomach upset. During my last pregnancy I started taking chews 4 health and it was the most enjoyable pregnancy off all. I was still smiling on delivery day. The best part is Chews offer almost complete absorption My little one now 9 months old is very smart, I believe it is due to the good quality nutrition I was able to give her and continue to give her through nursing. If you are interested in learning more go to http:/

What vitamins and supplements should a 32 year old female take?

Iron fish oil flax seed calcium

How long does your hair grow in 1 month using hair vitamins?

When using vitamins, the right type of vitamins, maybe prenatal, your hair will grow a 1/2 inch more than the regular grow. So your hair will grow an average of 1 inch a month, which is 12 in a year.

What vitamins should I take as a 50 year old woman?

Some of the better vitamins for an older person in their 50's are fish oil supplements, B-Complex vitamins for food metabolism/energy, and an overall natural and not synthetic form of a multivitamin.

You are a woman 31 years old you were just told that your testerone level is higher this year than last year you have PCOS and were put on metofrim but it makes you go to the bathroom a lot so you?

Continue taking it... If you weren't regular before as far as going to the bathroom, it's a good thing you're going regular now. I was on it for 3 months, got pregnant, earlier this year on April 24th 2007, done a pregnancy test May 18th 2007 had her on Sept 14th 2007 She died cause I had her at 5 1/2 months due to INCOMPETENT CERVIX, she was 414gms, just too little to receive any breathing tube, they couldn't save her. Since you're on the Metformin now, this can help you faster, it did for me. Up the dosages each week. Any over the counter Prenatal vitamins or doctor's prescribed. Every women is different, but this worked for me. Ex: week 1: Metformin 500mg w/ Prenatal vitamins week 2: Metformin 1000mg w/ Prenatal vitamins week 3: Metformin 1500mg w/ Prenatal vitamins week 4: Metformin 2000mg w/ Prenatal vitamins Stay blessed!