Should America ban guns

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Q: Should America ban guns
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Should America ban beer?


What is the thesis of James Q. Wilson's essay just take away their guns?

we should ban the use of illegal guns.

Why should the US banned handguns?

The US should not ban hand guns. A tool is a tool. The user is the problem.

Why is the constitution under attack?

Obama. The idiot is trying to ban guns. In the constitution, it states that everyone is allowed to bear arms for their own safety, and since the recent shooting, he's been trying to ban h Them. Democrats try to change America from what it should be

Is there a list of guns that they are trying to ban?

Get a copy of the ones from the 1994 ban, about the same.

What are the release dates for ONNCast - 2012 Ban on Guns 2-5?

ONNCast - 2012 Ban on Guns 2-5 was released on: USA: 17 January 2013

Should they ban guns in Los Angeles?

NO. Last I heard, Los Angeles was still part of the United States, which is protected by the 2nd Amendment.

Did the assault weapons ban work?

The assault weapons ban worked in that it reduced the number of crimes committed with the banned guns, but it did not reduce crime overall.

Is Barack Obama going to ban guns?

No, you may view a similar question here:Is_obama_trying_to_ban_guns

Why do airports ban guns?

They don't want people shooting other passengers, or the pilot.

Should gun control be stronger?

Why?, all it does is make buying guns harder for law abiding citizens. If the governemt is trying to lower gun crimes this way, then making gun control stricter IS NOT going to do ANYTHING, since criminals get their guns ILLEGALLY, NOT at gun stores. You can make all the strict laws you want, but criminals arent going to be affected by it, since they don't get guns the way normal law respecting citizens do. The government can ban ALL guns in America, and criminals will still have plenty of guns to murder with, acquired through illegal means.

Why would the government ban guns?

Dictators prefer unarmed subjects over armed citizens.