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Congruent behavior occurs when the words and behaviors expressed are in agreement and incongruent behavior occurs when words and behaviors expressed contradict each other.

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Q: Select the statement that BEST clarifies the difference between congruent and incongruent behaviors?
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What is incongruent behavior?

It's the opposite of congruent, or "in agreement or harmony." Someone who isn't complying or who disagrees with the popular notion could be described as having incongruent behavior.

What is a girls penis called?

Girls don't have penises. Girls have a rudimentary organ called the clitoris which is the congruent-equivalent of the male penis although structurally it falls way short of a functional penis.

Can someone be gay and not know it?

No, if you have attraction to people of the same sex then you will know it. It isn't something that just sneaks up on you. You will have always had the feeling you were gay.AnswerPersonally, I would say it's not as clear-cut as that. I'm gay and have always known so subconsciously, but I didn't put it into words until I was about eleven or twelve. It was how I was and I didn't know that i was any different from so-called 'normal' people, so I didn't really think about it. It was only when I reached puberty that I really thought about it and realised consciously.Also, because our culture discriminates against gay people, some gay people, particularly if they have been raised to believe that it is wrong to be gay, are deeply in denial about their sexuality and won't even admit to themselves that they're gay. People like this know deep down that they're gay, but refuse to confront that truth. They are often extremely homophobic as a result.Answer:Some people don't realise they are gay until they are older, but most people normally realise it between the ages of 12-16, although some may only realise at 18 or even older. The reasons for this may vary from person to person.Answer:I disagree to some extent with the previous answers, but not entirely. I think it is definitely very true that you will have a good idea of what you're attracted to by puberty, if not sooner, but I have known many, many people who did not discover their homosexual feelings until their late teens or even their early adulthood. For some, it does end up being a phase or an experimental period. Others decide to identify as bisexual, and usually prefer each gender to a greater or lesser degree than the other. Some do conclude that they actually are gay. Still others, myself included, never quite decide, or are attracted to one gender or the other in different amounts depending on the day.So, the short answer to your question is: yes and no. One does not just wake up gay suddenly, but you can discover sides of yourself that you didn't know existed. Sexual orientation isn't a choice, but for those rare people that have genuine attraction to both genders, there is a choice of whether or not to act on those feelings.As a side note, human sexuality is exceptionally complicated, and as far as we can tell is influenced primarily by biology, but also by culture, self-identity, past experiences, and many other things. It's possible to be able to feel romantic affection for a certain gender and not want to have sexual contact with that gender. It's also possible to feel nothing romantic for a particular gender, but be very sexually attracted to them. There are multiple spectra between gender identity, sexual orientation, and sexual activity, and for some people they are not always clear cut. Also, a person's sexual orientation and identity are not always congruent with their sexual activity. A gay woman, for example, may have a relationship with a man because of a variety of reasons, including societal judgment, the "need" to have a "normal" family, or any number of things.

Related questions

What is the opposite of congruent?

Non-congruent or incongruent is the opposite of congruent.

What is incongruent behavior?

It's the opposite of congruent, or "in agreement or harmony." Someone who isn't complying or who disagrees with the popular notion could be described as having incongruent behavior.

How do you use congruent in a sentence?

Congruent can be used in numerous ways, meaning "each similar or the same" but you've specifically asked about "congruent" in geometry. You've asked for examples of using the word "congruent" in a sentence.Here are some examples:The congruent angles were of the same size.Angles that have the same measure are said to be "congruent".Because they had the same size and shapes, the student marked the angles on a test question as being "congruent".If two segments or lines have different lengths, they are not congruent.You could also write sentences using "in-" as the prefix:The doorway angle brackets were incongruent for the door framing.The teacher described incongruent lines students could see in geometry.The incongruent images did not match when super-imposed upon each other.The instructor used a transparency overheard graphic to show that incongruent images do not coincide or match when laid on top of each other."Congruent" and "incongruent" can also be used to describe behavior, communication, actions, etc. Some example sentences include:How John acted around different races was incongruent with his statements that he is not racist.Betty's actions were congruent with her words, causing more people to trust her.The therapist's incongruent statements caused his clients to distrust his psycho-therapuetic abilities.Professor Michaels was surprised by the numerous congruencies found within his research of rat behaviors under stress as compared to how humans behave under stress.Professor Johnston argued that Professor Michaels' research still contained many incongruencies.You can Google to find many examples of how educators and researchers use the terms "congruent", "incongruent", and their plural forms in many areas of study, geometry being just one area.

What are congruent trials in psychology and incongruent trials?

Congruent trials (in harmony) refer to the tasks in which the stimuli are in agreement with one another, for example; if the word "blue" is actually written in the color blue, this is said to be congruent. Incongruent trials (not in harmony) refer to the tasks in which the stimuli are NOT in agreement with another, for example; the word "blue" is actually written in the color pink or yellow, causing interference or possibility for confusion, these trials are said to be incongruent.

What is congruent vs incongruent verbal and body language?

incongruent- Is when you are saying one thing, but your body language does not match up.E.g Saying yes but shaking your head.congruent- Is when your your body language and what you are saying match up.E.g saying yes and nodding your head.

What is incongruities?

Incongruent is something that is not alike, usually a math or geometry term, such as if one square was 2 inches in length and height and so on, and another is 3, then they would be incongruent. If there was two squares that where 2 inches in length and height and so on, that would be congruent.

How are similar and congruent shapes alike and how are they different?

they are alike because congruent means the same ,and there is no difference.

What is the difference between congruent angles and congruent segments?

The first refers to angles and the second to segments.

What is the difference between a similar figure and a congruent figure?

A similar figure has the same interior angles as a congruent figure but its sides are in proportion to a congruent figure.

Are the triangle congruent?

"Are" does not make sense. well you know what he/she means- is the triangle congruent? * * * * * "Are", "Is" makes no difference. There is no information about the triangles and therefore no way to determine whether or not they ARE congruent.

What is the difference between congruent and proportional sides?

Congruent means exactly the same. Proportional means that it's similar.

The difference between a rohombus and a trapazoid?

All four sides of a rhombus are congruent. A trapezoid can have at most three congruent sides.

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