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How do i unlock my security code for Nokia 2626

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โˆ™ 2012-06-25 10:40:46
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Q: Security code of Nokia 2626
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How do you format Nokia 2626 mobile?

To format Nokia 2626 The code is *#7780# Dial this code and then the phone will ask the security code...The security code For all nokia phones is 12345...Now your phone is formatted....Don't forget to thank me...

What is the master lock code for Nokia 2626?

A: If you have found a nokia and need to activate it take to a nokia dealer

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How do you reset nokia 2626 security code?

If you do not have the code or have forgotten it then type in *#7328748263373738# on the keypad. This resets the security code to the manufacturer default of 12345. If for some reason that does not work then use the link that is included to generate a security code based on your device's IMEI. You can get the device IMEI by pressing *#06# or it is on a label under the battery in the back of the device.

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