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Try contacting the maker, gun shows, gun shops, internet auctions, want ads.

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Q: Schematics for H and R Topper Model 88?
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H and R 20 g Topper Jr model 88 value?

Around $75.

How do you tell the year h and r topper model 88 was made in?

Check old gun catalogs

How much is h and r topper model 88 AY446449 worth?

Between $50-100, depending on condition.

H plus R topper model 88 12ga3modsingle shot can I shoot slug's with this gun?

I would not do it if it is choked more than Modified.

What year was the H and R Topper Model 88 made in?

Not an easy question- the model designation has changed, been brought back, company has changed hands 3 times, etc. The model 88 started out as the economy model but soon became the standard model. Inthe catalogs the Topper name as used by the original company was dropped sometimes before 1978 only to be brought back by NEF/H&R 1871 in 1987

When did they stop making Harrington and Richardson Topper Jr Model 490?

The H&R topper model 490 JR was made from 1961-1983.I hope that you find this informative.

Value of h and r topper model 158 30-30?

Blue Book of Gun Values can help

What year is a Winchester model 88 H?

You will need to include the serial number to get the year of production of your Winchester model 88 lever action rifle.

How old is your WinchesterTopper model 48?

No such weapon made by Winchester. However, H&R made a shotgun called the Topper

How much is a H and R topper buck 12 gauge single shot model?

Not much,75-120 dollars.

How much for a h and r 410 gadge topper jr model 098?

Around $100. Was one of my first guns

Is there pistol grip stocks for a hr topper model 58?

midway usa has a pistol grip that fit h&r and NEF shotguns (shop by make and model )go down to h&r on list and go from there