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of course he is! people who dont believe in santa have no imagination. people who dont believe in santa: PLEASE BELIEVE! santa is the best and he is real. if you think he isn't real your wrong. if you don't believe in him, that's you're loss. people who do believe: GOOD JOB

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Q: Santa is totally real right
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Santa is so real right?

Yes. Santa is real from the heart of beleavers

Are parents right when they say santa is real?

Parents lie when they say "Santa is real"

Santa Claus could be real but he's not to little kids believe he is cus he ent but jus believe he is its totally just a fix for santa cola dankerable.?

Santa Claus HAS to be real because on like 5 websites there is a Santa tracker and on Christmas Eve there is a Santa Tracker to track where Santa Claus is on the world and they couldn't lie!.

Is. Santa real yes or no?

Santa Claus is real - YES he is real.

Is Santa Claus totally really real?

Alot of people say Santa is fake, but no one really knows the truth cause I don't even know what is right or what is wrong but even if Santa isn't real keep the Christmas spirit around and also remember don't ruin Christmas for other children by telling them Santa isn't real.:):):):):):)

What was the closest city to mission Santa Barbara?

the right answer is : El camino real

Is Santa' reindeer real?

Yes, Santa's reindeers are real if you believe Santa is real! Many people believe Santa is real, but if Santa is real then his reindeers are real! What would the reindeers do if Santa wasn't real, there's no bother for them then!

Is a webkinz Santa Claus real?

Yes he is real because i saw him when i was on webkinz i was walking aroud i saw himmmmm ------EDIT------ . . . You're kidding me, right? They even ruined Santa!?

What do you tell your students when they ask if santa Claus is real?

mess about with them but then get serious and tell them the truth but do it in a nice way so they understand but make sure they don't get upset and if they do treat them to some sweets and it is totally legal to say that Santa is not real it depends what age they are really!!!!!!!

How do you believe in Santa?

To believe in Santa you have to put your mind and heart to it. He is totally a real person and he might not have a long white beard but he is real. He comes to all the children's house who believe. His real name is Chris Kringle and that means he is a real person. You should believe because even if your friends say he's not real if you believe he will come to your house. BELEIVE

Is a Santa Claus elf Real?

YES...santa`s elves are real because santa is real

Is there a Santa in Mexico for real?

Not a real Santa but people in Mexico believe in Santa.