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Of course I will dear but you have to promise to be a very good girl/boy all year round! It that a promise?

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Q: Santa Santa will you bring us presents?
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How does Santa bring presents in Ireland?

Santa Claus does indeed bring presents to black and white people in Ireland. Merry KrissmissMerry Christmas :)

Does Santa bring presents to animals?

Yes he does :)

Does Santa Claus bring the presents to Hondurans?

Santa Claus is not real so therefore he does not take PRESENTS to Hondurans.

What kind of presents does Santa bring to Spain?

santa brings sweets and goodies

Does Santa bring presents to homeless people?


Does Santa bring to presents to grandparents houses?


Do Santa bring presents to china?

Santa Claus is part of Christian folklore. There are some Christians in China and their kids may get presents.

Does Santa Claus bring guinea pigs as presents?

no he eats them...

Does Santa bring presents to adults?

Santa does not bring presents to adults, but adults write his name.

Did Santa dead?

Santa cannot die, he is alive. Santa is immortal.

Does santa bring you expensive presents I am asking for a laptop and I don't know if this is possible.?

Santa presents your parents with a bill so if they can't afford it, then it is not possible.

Does santa bring presents to kids?

yes. it's the traditional way.