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One, the day you are actually born. Each year after that, you are simply celebrating your birthday.

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Q: Riddle how many birthdays does the average man have?
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How many birthdays does a average of a man have?

1. Only his/her actual birth.

How mean birthdays does the average man have?

Every man only has one birthday

How many birthdays does a fifty-year-old man have?


How many birthdays does a 58 year old man have?

Only one. After that they are birthday anniversaries.

A three year old girl and a 100 year old man have had exactly the same amount of birthdays How many birthdays have they had?

103? correct answer by kingdeamon13 (PS urwelcome) FALSE the correct answer is the same birthdays everyone has... just one. i solved this riddle just by looking at it, at first i concidered leap years but that could only make the man 12. so then i was like DUH. nobody has more then one birthday. that's the day when u are born. for example every year i have my one birthday. that's on the 23rd of may

How many birthday's does the average man have?

An average man living in a modern, industrialized country will celebrate, on average, about 83 birthdays. This figure is a bit less for men in third world countries. Additionally, this figure is just an average estimate - every person is different and life expectancy depends on lifestyle habits in a major way.

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How many brithdays does the average man have?

The average man can have 65 birthdays WRONG, he can live that many years but only have one birthday, the day he is born.

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