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Q: Research on racial and ethnic differences in intelligence indicates that?
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What are gender and ethnic difference in personality?

gender is to do with whether the subject is male or female. Ethnic is to do with the upbringing and social background of the subject

Why are IQ tests controversial?

IQ tests contain cultural bias; people in certain cultures have certain kinds of knowledge that people in other cultures don't have, and that knowledge is then used in IQ tests as evidence of superior intelligence, which then becomes a way to make some ethnic groups seem to be smarter than others. Aside from that problem, we do not really know that any IQ test accurately measures intelligence; the only thing we can say with certainty about IQ tests is that they measure the ability to do IQ tests.

What is the best description of the relationship between strength of ethnic identity and self-esteem?

It is a positive correlation between strength of ethnic identity and self-esteem.

What does ethnocentric mean in terms of psychology?

In psychological research an ethnocentric bias means there is the possibility of a bias towards one ethnic or cultural group. If this bias becomes established, the values of this group can become the accepted ones and those who do not share these can be regarded as different. Difference and diversity is not a problem unless it makes a group seem not normal. In terms of psychology the aims of the are to identify and explain universals of human behaviour however a lot of psychological research can fail to do this- Smith & Bond-conducted a review of psychology text books and found that most research was European or American. This could be a problem because the sample only reflects one cultural group. American and European research may not reflect cross-cultural experiences, but it could also be because the sample frame is often undergraduate students. It could be argued that this specific population is not reflective of the wider population. This is an example of research being ethnocentric- not controlling for individual differences. This is a problem because it fails to account diverse environmental influences, for example being raised in individualistic cultures like western societies where the need to be independent and self-sufficient is taught as the ideal, or collectivist cultures- for example Asian and some African cultures where the needs of the family and larger social group are seen as more important. It can mean that the questions or tasks used in research may have a very different interpretation to a different cultural group.

Religious and ethnic diversity are most likely to be appreciated in a culture characterized by?


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Have ethnic and religious differences been the primary causes of civil war in the Horn of Africa?

Yes, ethnic and religious differences have been the cause of most civil wars in Africa.

What landform has contributed most to the development of ethnic differences in Europe?


What type of landofrom contributed the most to ethnic differences in Europe?


What is Ethnic diversity?

Differences among groups of people and individuals based on ethnicity

What are the differences of civic and ethnic nationalism?

One of the main differences between civic and ethnic nationalism is what brings the people together. In civic nationalism it is the country and political views of the people. In ethnic nationalism it is not the country, state, or city that brings people together. It is the ethnicity, language, or religion that unites them.

What is subsequent boundary?

line drawn after an area is occupied which takes into account ethnic differences.

The partition of India and the division of Yugoslavia were similar because?

because of religious or ethnic differences

Individual differences in things like values backgrounds age and the like are?

Individual differences in things like values, ethnic backgrounds, age, and the like are

What do you call individual differences in things like values ethnic backgrounds age and the like?


What two ethnic groups are fighting in Rwanda and burundi?

The Hutu and the Tutsi have had differences for many years.

Individual differences in things like values ethnic backgrounds age and the like are-?

An individual difference in things like values, ethnic backgrounds, age and the like is religion.