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The Mirena can cause periods to stop, it releases a low level of synthetic progesterone. A copper IUD may cause periods to stop, but doesn't generally have this effect soon after placement.

Depending on the type of IUD and the length of time it has been in place - you may want to check in with the Doctor Who placed it to see if you need a pregnancy test. Generally if an IUD is going to fail it does so in the first 3 months.

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Q: Regular periods till now. Spotting no period with IUD?
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When you start your period if you have brown spotting do you count that as the first day of your cycle or do you wait till you see bright red blood?

any sort of spotting either before or after is considered to be your period.

Could you be pregnant if your period is 17 days late no other sign of pregnancy and 3 tests latest was on the 16th day of missed period.?

Yes. You can still have a pregnancy. You have to wait till you get the periods. The pregnancy test be repeated weekly till you get the periods.

Can you still have your period after four weeks of pregnancy?

No once you are pregnant your periods will stop till you complete nine months.

Your period started on the day it was expected but you only spotted and it stopped that night what does that can that mean?

i would wait till tommarow, maybe u are justing spotting

Can you start your pill on day 3 of your period?

No, as it will stop your period and you will have terrible pains, you can only start taking them when your off, and you have to do that till you stop taking the pill or you won't have your periods.

Your nurse told you you are not supoosed to get your preiod on Yaz but you did every month till now why?

Your nurse was misinformed, every woman reacts differently to birth control. Some women will stop having periods, some will not, some will have in-between-period spotting. I suggest going to the Yaz website and reading the patient information they offer there.

When does a period become regular?

Usally in at least 3 months. That's how long it took mine till it regularlated itself

If you have have'nt had a missed period till the 5th month does that mean you could be pregnant?

If your period is irregular it could miss a couple of months but if it is regular it should not unless you are pregnant

Can I conceive just after periods?

usually you have to wait till the 3rd day after your period starts...around your 11th through your 16th day after your period is when you start ovalating...and there is always around 25% chance for you to get pregant..

Why are you not having your period and you are a virgin?

You dont have to be a virgin or have sex to be on youre period, some girls dont start their periods till the age of 18 maybe higher, just got to be patient and wait for them to start

Can a girl become pregnant if she had an intercourse just after her periods get over?


Can you be pregnant and have a period and the home test say I'm not even if me and my husband have not use a condom in 3 weeks?

If you are really pregnant , you will not get your periods till your delivery is done.

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