Principal ore of lead

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Principal ore of lead is Galena

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Q: Principal ore of lead
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Which metal is galena the principal-ore of?


What is Bauxite the principal ore of?

Bauxite is the principal ore of aluminium.

Is lead an ore?

Lead is not an ore. Lead is a metal which is obtained by refining lead ore (or which may be a byproduct of the refinement of other metals).

What mineral has lead ore in it?

the mineral with the ore of lead is galena

What is lead ore?

There are several lead ores, the most well known being the sulfide (galena).

Which element is cinnabar the principal-ore of?


What form of iron is the chief iron ore?

The principal ore for iron is haematite.

What is the origin of lead ore?

the origin of lead ore is contact metamorphic origin

The principal export of jamaica?

Bauxite, that is Aluminium Ore

Is iron ore and lead mined?

Iron ore (haematite) and lead ore (galena) are both both obtained through mining and quarrying.

Cerussite is the ore of what metal?

Cerussite is an important ore of Lead.

What is graphite an ore of?

Graphite is the main ore of pencil lead.