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Check your spelling- Shattuck has 2 Ts. Not a lot of information on CS Shattuck arms.

In 1875 C.S. Shattuck and Andrew Hyde started a pistol manufacturing business in Springfield, Mass. In February of 1877, Andrew Hyde and Major Charles S. Shattuck brought their Springfield pistol manufacturing business to Hatfield and went into a partnership with Mrs. Mary D. Porter in the Thomas Meekin sawmill on Prospect St., formerly Crescent Pistol Co. est. 1874 (Shattuck possibly also had, concurrently or otherwise a gun shop on Bridge St. in Hatfield, dates unknown). In 1878 Mrs. Porter withdrew her partnership and the business was continued by Hyde and Shattuck. In 1880 Shattuck bought out Hyde and continued the factory alone, turning out many revolvers. Soon after he began to make single-barreled breech-loading shotguns, and then few years later double-barreled shotguns. Large quantities of both were made, averaging for a time 15,000 guns per year.

The gun shop was burned in 1881 and was immediately rebuilt on the same site. The manufacture of guns was abandoned in 1909. In 1910 the only arms being turned out was a new four-shot pistol, but for how long is unknown. Shattuck firearms were modest quality and cost. There may be some collectors value, depending on exact model and condition, but not extremely high $$$.

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Q: Poker pistol model unique made by csshatuck arms co want to know any info or value?
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