Pod is short for what for?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The Pod in iPod isn't short for anything, it is a pod.

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Q: Pod is short for what for?
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What is 2 a a 2 p i a p short for?

erm... i think it is short for 2 peas in a pod

What is a Sub pod?

sub is short for subwoofer, so im taking that means a portable subwoofer

What is a bird's-foot?

A bird's-foot is a papillonaceous plant with a curved, cylindrical pod tipped with a short, claw-like point.

What is the meaning of POD in IPOD?

A pod is a small object that holds things like a pea pod or a seed pod, in this case the pod holds music.

When did Steve Jobs invent the i pod?

There is no such thing as a ''you pod''. But if you ask when they made the i pod,I can answer that! They made the i pod in 2001.

What do you called a group of dolphins?

Variously a Pod, a Herd or a School but mostly a pod.

What is the you pod nano?

it is a i pod.

What does it mean when your i pod say i pod is disabled?

it means tooo get a new i pod

I Pod and Player?

Want to have an I Pod and I pod player ar reasonable price

Pod casters register their pod casts with?

yes you can because my friend did that and i think she copied or dragged her songs from her i pod on to her i pod touch

What do you call a bunch of whales?

A pod of whales

What does POD stand for in CISCO?

POD = Point of Delivery POD = Pool of devices on Demand