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Your ovulation is from one side each month, and each ovary runs on its own cycle. Usually they match and you get your period at the same time each month. This means that if your period is every 30 days, your right ovary drops an ovule (egg) this month. 30 days from now, your left ovary will drop one. 90 days from now your right ovary will activate again and drop an ovule. And so forth.

However, if one month you ovulate early, meaning you get your period early a few days, the next month you will ovulate on your original schedule on the opposite side, which means that period will feel late to you, when in reality it is running on its own proper schedule.

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Q: Period came early one month then period came late the next month then period came early the next month what is going on?
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Period come early from stress?

Stress can cause your period to be early, late, or even skip a month.

Are you going to get your period if you have menstruation?

Yes ,A woman gets her menstrual period or MENSTRATION every month... :)

Why do you get your period early?

Well it depense every woman will get an irregular period every now and then. Not all women get there periods every lets say 28 days. There are going to be times that your period comes early and sometimes that you get it late. It's nothing to worry about unless you skip an entire month then I would be worried.

What could be the cause of bad cramps and heavy period-like bleeding that's too early to be my period?

First off what do you mean it's too early to be my period? Are you talking about age wise or month wise?

Can you change the time your period comes the following month?

You can change the time your period comes the following month if you are on certain types of birth control. For example, finishing a pack of birth control pills early will make your period come earlier the next month.

Why did i have your period 2 times this month?

One might be early on, and the second might be at the very end of the month.

Was on the pill for almost 3 years and went off it about 2 months ago. got period a week early last month but haven't got it yet this month is this normal?

It is common to have an early period, followed by a late period, after stopping the pill. You are likely to settle into a pattern with the next month, similar to the pattern you had before you were on the pill.

What does it mean when you bleed before your period?

It could mean you are pregnant, have irregular periods, hormonal imbalance or you have had a light and early period this month for no reason.

Do you get your period at the end of the month?

You can get your period at ANY time of the month.

Why period has come twice in a month?

Your period comes two weeks after you release an egg. If you happen to release an egg early, your next period will be early. It sometimes happens. That means you don't really know when your "safe, won't have a baby" time is.

How can you stop your period for that 1 month because your going trekking in India for one month?

You can take the pill which you take everyday leading up to your period but on the week of your period you don't take it. This can sometimes be dangerous for young girls though.

Why did you have your period 2 times this month?

Why did i have your period 2 times this month?