Period Pains but no period blood?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Period Pains but no period blood?
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Does your period give you stomach pains?

Yes, it can. I have stomach pains from my period. I think it gets worse after heavy blood. life sucks

Period pains but not any blood?

you can get period pains before your period starts answer yeah I know that I posted this question I got period pains but no blood. When I usually get period pains I come on straight away it been a week now since that has happened. It came as a shock I thought I was really coming on. My period pains are really painful as well and the pains were just like them but I didn't get my period. I couldn't move I couldn't cry cause I was in pain.

Is it normal to have period pains when your not on your period?


You had stomach pains for two days then lots of blood what does this mean?

You are having a period

Do all women have pains during their period?

No, not every women has pains during their period,but most do.

Can you get period pains if you have never had your period?

No, but you could get "cramps" if you've already gotten your period

Are period pains and pregnancy pains the same?

Contractions feel like period pains on a whole new level. Imagine your worst period pain ever times at least 5. That's what labor pains feel like.

Can you're period give you knee pains?

no. Your period shouldnt do that.

Do men experience period pains?


Ibuprofen or nurofen for period pains?

Nurofen contains ibuprofen. Nurofen Plus also contains Codeine and is suitable for period pains.

Is a period blood?

a period is blood

Is gas during your period normal?

yeah I believe so I know it happens to me it is horrible but as weird as it sounds kinda eases the period pains a bit in my case and is due to the muscles contracting to push out the blood during the period