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Q: People want to watch a boy peeing on a girl?
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When a girl hints she wants to watch a movie?

then she probably wants to watch a movie haha

How guinea pigs plan to rule the world?

guinea pigs get what they want by peeing on people,biting,or high pitched squealing.

Why people want to watch absurd drama?

The reason people want to watch absurd drama is it is interesting. The show they watch will keep them from thinking about their own problems in life.

Where can you watch All the episodes of peach girl in English?

If you want English dubs, there are at Youtube ^.^

Why do people watch AV?

Because they want to. They need to.

Why is there not a girl SpongeBob?

because who would want to watch a girl going "im ready, im ready!" it just wouldn't be funny.

Who is someone who tells jokes?

people who tell jokes and laughs it means that they either want to go out with you or they fancy you (so i would watch out for some lucky boy or girl ;)a comedian

Are college students university students and business people allowed to watch Johnny Test?

yes. You can watch whatever you want. Personally I do not care for that show, but watch whatever you want.

Why do you think people watch troy movie?

because they want it..

Would people want to watch women's football on television?


What is it called when a man pees in a girl's mouth?

its called gross You would not want to do it to your girlfriend. It would not only freak her out, but that's just plain disgusting. Imagine her peeing in your mouth. How would that make you feel.

How many people are watching this years Super Bowl?

It depends on how many people want to watch it. And it can vary because some people may not watch the whole game.