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Q: One of the functions of the is to regulate weight over the long-term?
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Why does subprime occure?

It happens due to over lending and longterm lending to the borrower.It is a long term process.

What are the functions of the valves in the circulatory system?

Valves in the circulatory system prevent blood from flowing into the wrong compartments. Valves also regulate the amount of blood that can be held in one compartment of the heart over a certain period.

Can pharmaton contribute to weight gain?

Pharmaton helps to regulate the appetite and does not cause weight gain. It has been used for over 3 decades by millions of users.

What system works closely with the endocrine system to coordinate body functions?

The nervous system works closely with the endocrine system to coordinate body functions.

What are the precautions associated with using hyssop?

Not to be used by pregnant women, children or those with epilepsy. Only moderate amounts of essential oil should be used. Do not use the herb over longterm.

What are examples of primary pellagra?

People who rely on maize as their major food source and when a hospitalized patient is given I.V. fluids devoid of vitamins over the longterm, often develop pellagra.

How does your body regulate the amount of water you have in your cells?

you can poo all over yourself

Name the three functions that computers do over and over?

Computers perform several functions over and over that include processing. They transmit data repeatedly when in use. Computers continually store or save data.

Can being over weight kill you?

Yes being over weight can kill you.

What if your height is 5'5 your weight is 144lbs your be over weight?

Depends if you are a man or woman. With a man it might be a little bit over weight. If you are a woman it is probably over weight unles you are curvy.

What are the precautions associated with using juniper?

Not to be taken by pregnant or lactating women or those with kidney problems. Diabetics should consult a medical practitioner. Not to be used over longterm or in high doses. And more . . .

Which two organ systems help control your body functions?

The nervous system and the endocrine system work together to control body functions. The nervous system uses electrical signals to transmit information rapidly, while the endocrine system uses hormones to regulate processes more slowly over time. Together, they help maintain homeostasis and coordinate the body's activities.