On Sunday or in Sunday- correct?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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"On Sunday" is correct. For example, "On Sunday we'll go running."

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Q: On Sunday or in Sunday- correct?
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What is the correct abbreviation for the word Sunday?

Sun. is the correct abbreviation for Sunday.

Which is correct it is Sunday or it is a Sunday?

It's sunday, but you can say 'it's a sunday evening.'

Spending my Sunday at home or spend my Sunday at home which is correct?

Both of the sentences 'Spending my Sunday at home' and 'spend my Sunday at home' are correct depending on their context of use, and tense.

Is clinic is closed during Sunday correct?

No clinic is closed on sunday

How do you spell Sunday service?

That is the correct spelling of "Sunday service" (religious worship).

On next Sunday morning?

is it a correct expression "I will go with you on next Sunday morning?"

What is gramatically correct- looking forward to a busy Sunday or looking forward for a busy Sunday?

Definately looking forward TO.

Its a cold sunday weather so wear your comfortable clothes is a correct grammar?

The sentence,'Its a cold sunday weather so wear your comfortable clothes' is not correct grammatically and should be rewritten to be 'It's a cold Sunday; so wear your comfortable clothes'.

Is this correct Where exactly will the tables for Shabach! Inc. be located this Sunday?

Yes, it is.

Her and Aaron love to cook brunch for friends every Sunday Is that sentence correct?

No, that sentence is not correct. "Her" should be "She". Remove Aaron from the sentence. "Her loves to cook brunch for friends every Sunday." doesn't make much sense.

Is this correct at the weekends?

Unless "the weekends" is a place you can go to, then no, it isn't correct. It is best to say "On the weekends" if you mean the days Saturday & Sunday.

Fall is to summer as Monday is to what?

Tuesday because Fall is right after Summer as is Tuesday and Monday. (: Your welcome. Tuesday (Original Answer by Other) Fall is to Summer as Monday is to ______? (Question) The correct answer would be Sunday. Tuesday is after Monday but isn't correct because it says Monday first not Tuesday, therefore the answer is Sunday. Fall follows Summer and Monday follows Sunday. I hope I explained it so everybody could understand why Sunday is correct rather than Tuesday. It is much harder to explain to others in a text than it is to answer the question in my head. =)p