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my emai:

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2012-10-12 00:52:47
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Q: Need parts for universal 12 ga auto wing shotgun 28 mod -M2071?
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Where can I find JC Higgens shotgun parts? They have all the parts you need

Need parts for universal 12 GA Auto Wing shotgun?

I'm not sure by your question whether you have parts? I am looking for parts...basically everything except the receiver. I could use a stock, forend and extra barrel. Can't tell if you have parts or are looking for parts yourself. If you have parts, please email me at

Where can you find parts for an Ithaca shotgun?

The logical place to look is at your local gunsmith's shop. You can probably get the parts you need online.

Where can you find parts for Eastern Arms Model 1929 410 single shot shotgun?

Depending on which parts, they may need to be made.

Where can you find a diagram and parts for a Stevens model 345 shotgun?

I am not sure about the diagram,but I would check at numrich gun parts corp. first for the parts you need.

I Have bridge gun works double shotgun I need parts for any sugestions where to get em?

If you can find them, they will most likely cost more than the shotgun in worth.

Where can you get a parts breakdown of a lefever nitro special double barrel 12 ga shotgun made by the lefever arms co of Ithaca ny?

To get a parts breakdown you would need to take the shotgun into a gun store. The store will be able to provide an estimate, or order new parts.

12ga shotgun of the armory gun co and need to know if there are any parts for these guns?

You might find parts at a gun show, but, don't hold your breath

Need parts for new York arms double barrel shotgun?

See a gunsmith- Out of production for nearly 100 years.

Where can you get parts for a 20 gauge Stevens Model 98K single shot shotgun?

You might find what you need at .

Need a trigger guard for a Stevens model 94 single shot shotgun serial number p900880?

Go to where they have thousands of parts. Search for what you need.

Can you find parts for a 16 gauge Enders Royal double barrel side by side hammerless shotgun?

Not readily. You'll find that parts will need to repaired or made by a gunsmith.

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