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Hair Style/color




Facial Hair

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Q: Name something that can make you look older than your age?
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Does smiling make your skin look bad when your older?

Smiling is something that people do everyday but if you have big dimples and smile brackets, then they will show up when you are older and can be cast as wrinkles. Don't stop smiling though and don't worry because it probably wont effect what you look like when you are older.

Dose make up make you grown up?

Just wearing it doesn't make you older but it may make you look like you are older.

What do manners do?

Manners are something that make you seem civilized. It is something that will be very helpful when you are older.

How can you look older?

Eat a lot of food and wear ALOT of make up. Please, I don't need to look any older than I already do. The answer depends on your purpose for looking older; if it's for theatrical or costume purposes, you use make up, clothing, wigs, and body language; if it's for purchasing something that is illegal for minors, does not give instructions for breaking the law.

Does smoking marijuana make you look older?

There is some evidence to suggest that smoking marijuana may contribute to premature aging of the skin due to its effects on collagen production and skin elasticity. Additionally, smoking can lead to wrinkles and fine lines, which can make a person appear older over time. Regular use of marijuana can also contribute to dehydration, which can further impact skin health.

Name something that can make you look spooky in photographs?

Red Eyes Shadows Lighting/Flash Creepy Smile

How make people look old?

There is cream that can make people look way older than what they are or way younger than what they are.

Why some people look MUCH younger than they really are and some others look MUCH older than they really are?

some people look much younger than they really are because they get botox and plastic surgery to make themselves look much younger, and some people look much older than they actually are because they take drugs or they smoke, something like that.

How do you make makeup make you look older?

make up shows thatthe person is more professional

How do you make anime girls look older?

You can add wrinkles to the eyes .

How do you pick a baby name?

you can look online to search names and you can just make something up nd see if it fits

What is the name of the growth disorder in which a kid stops growing and make him look like he is still a child even though hes actually 20 or older?