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It really depends on the person being impressed, but some I can think of are:


Their Modesty (ha ha kinda ironic)


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Q: Name something a person might exaggerate about in order to impress their date?
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Which reasons might cause a person to turn to robbery?

if they get mad, if they have no money, or if they want to get something special for their loved ones to try and impress them but don't have the money.

How do you impress girls so you can make them your girlfriend?

Be yourself and get to know the person before you up and ask them out. Get to know what she might like and do.

How do you get the girl you like to like you when she likes someone else?

Impress her more, and try to get more close to her as a friend. Then if you do something sweet, but it's not over board; she'll start to like you and then she might even turn from the other person she likes, to you.

Why do people dress to impress?

The answer is a variety of reasons. One reason might be if the person is going on a job interview. Another reason might be when going out on a date. One example would be Deanie Etcetera dressing in some fabulous clothes to impress the man of her heart, Mitch Longley.

How do you impress girl of 16 is one and only daughter of her parents?

Best advice I can give is to not act like a jerk around her! Find something you like in common and talk to her about it, or go and do something together. Just don't try too hard to impress her; girls can sense it a mile away if you seem impatient or desperate! If she likes you for who you are, she might be interested and you might have a chance! Good luck matey!

A reason a person might pretend to be older?

Buy Beer See Music Drive Job Interview Impress Someone Buy Cigarettes Date

Name something a man might do at the gym to impress a woman?

Family Feud 1) Lift Weights 2) Flex 3) Take off shirt

How to impress a girl in facebook?

There is no actual guide on how to impress a girl on Facebook. The best advice for impressing a girl, anywhere and not just on Facebook, is to be yourself. Do not show off and pretend to be something you aren't, or something you might think she would want you to be.

What might it mean if we smell something that reminds us distinctly of a person who has died?

Might mean that person is watching over you.

How do you no when someone loves you?

Well 1) They might pick on and/or mess around with you 2) The shy person blushes and turns their head when they look at you. 3) The person may flirt with you (no duff) 4) The person may try to impress you in many ways.

What does it mean when their are signs that lead to a certan person?

thoose signs might be right. check the person out to see for real. yet there might not be signs it could just be something else. well just see and that person might be the one. take ur chance and ask them out or something.

How do you get rid of bad luck on Friday the thirteenth?

on Friday the thirteenth i think people exaggerate and i think its an illusion and it might happen to some people if they were mean or rood or something and even though if your really nice i think still at least something has to happen because no one is nice for there whole life.