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He yells the cadence. The cadense is made up of three parts: The down/set command, the section to fake out the defense or change the play to something more appropriate for the defensive set, and the 'go' command.

Parts 1 and 3 are pretty self explaintory. Part 2 is a bit more complicated. The quarterback using this part to select a play that should be successful against the defensive set he sees once the offense is set. For example, if he sees that there is a back side blitz leaving one-on-one (or 'man') coverage on the WR on that side, he might yell the 'live color' for the day, alerting the offense to run the play about to be called, then a number that tells the offense the play. Typically, there is a rule something like: once an audiable is called, the snap is on two (Hut, Hut). The numbering system could be: The series sets the protection (3,5, or 7 step drop for passes), the second digit tells the outside recievers what route to run from a passing tree, and the third digit can tell the TE what route to run. It might go 'down, orange 386, orange 386, hut, hut. The protection would be a three steps drop and the outside WRs would run a 'go' route, which the TE runs a flat. This audiable would put the cournerback man-up on the backside WR--you see this play 20-30+ times every Sat/Sun.

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go, run, touchdown, ?, idiot.

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Q: Name a word people yell at the tv while watching a football game?
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