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The part that come out on the lip is too low which means all the bars I have for it have a big bit sticking out the bottom. I want to get it redone but I'm not sure if I have to let it close over first or just go and have a different hole out in on my lip

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Q: My vertical labret was pierced badly..?
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Can you get a vertical labret piercing if you already have your labret pierced?

Yes a vertical labret is on the lip surface to the lip edge, a labret is on the lower lip below the lip edge so having the two should not be an issue.

Can you get a vertical labret piercing in an existing labret pierced?

No. Vertical labrets don't touch the inside of your mouth at all. The holes wouldn't match up.

What if a lip is pierced through the lip itself?

Yes it's called a vertical labret

Can a lip be pierced with a barbell?

Lips are pierced with barbells all the time, generally bent barbells for vertical labret piercings.

What is it called when you get the middle of your lip pierced?

a labret piercing

Which hurts more lip or tongue percing?

well i have not had my lip pierced but i have had the Labret which is very close to the lip and i have my tongue pierced you cannot feel your tongue being pierced, but its almost immpossible to eat for about a week . The labret hurt like hell though.

Can a labret stud be used on the lip?

If it's a vertical Labret piercing then it's a curved barbell, if it's a standard lip piercing it can be a labret stud or a ring.

What is a vertical labret piercing does it pierce through the bottom and the top of your lip or something?

A vertical labret is through the bottom of your lip like a normal labret but instead of the other side being in your lip (touching teeth/on gum) it is through the middle of the bottom lip. so you can see both balls on the bar. See pic:

Can a guy get a vertical labret piercing?

Yes, guys can generally get away with most piercings.

What are some unusual lip piercings?

Vertical labret, spider bites. I personally think that vertical labrets look better on girls.

What does the piercing panda kisses look like?

it's a set of spiderbite piercings on each side of your lower lip. so the right side of your lower lip has two piercings and the left side of your lower lip has two piercings. Also, it is occasionally used to describe the double labret, usually snakebites, when they are vertical labret. So it would be two vertical labret.

Can a side labret cause lip numbness?

For a short time after it's pierced, it might feel numb or tingly. It's not normal if you've had it pierced for quite awhile and it's still numb.