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She told you she like you and you didn't do anything about it; she feels a little rejected. She probably told you she liked you so you would do something about it but you didn't so she know feels that you didn't like her back.

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Q: My crush told me she liked me a while back but I didn't ask her out and now she seems like she is avoiding me why?
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Why is my crush avoiding me now.She showed a lot of intress in me 2 weeks ago and since then she has just been avoiding me. What should i do.Help it really hurts?

Just ask her why it seems she's avoiding you. You might just be paranoid. Happens to me all the time.

One of my best friend's friends told her crush that she liked him at a high school football game and he didn't rly talk to her the rest of the night but he kept staring in a good way any suggestions?

It seems that he might have liked the idea of your friend having a crush on him. He's just probably thinking about the whole situation.

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Yes I think so, because it seems like your crush is probably embarrassed.

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What does it mean if you ask your crush to a possible trip to the movies causually and he says that he'll see if he can go and asks you to keep him updated but when you do he seems to avoid the topic?

he avoiding you for some reason ask him and find out why its most likely that he docent like you.

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