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If one's crashed asked whether you miss him, that means he wants you back.

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Q: My crush asked me if i missed him what does that mean?
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So my crush asked me after our kiss if i will date him or if i love him what does that mean?

If your crush asked you if you will date him or if you love him after you kissed then it means he is interested in finding out how you feel about him.

So me and my crush kissed but he has a gf and after a kiss he asked me if i ever had a bf what does that mean?

Your crush could be wondering if you were also taken.

What does it mean if your crush asked your friend out?

that your crush likes your friend more. or might try to use your friend to get to you. but i think the first answer is more credible. it means your crush probobly likes your friend

What if you asked out your crush and he rejected you?

Move on.

I was dancing with someone and my crush was watching the whole time and later they asked me to dance. Does that mean they have a crush on me too?

they might've been jealous that you were dancing with someone else, so to show you that they like you ... that could've been the reason they asked u to dance.

If I missed my crush more than I ever missed a person before what does it mean?

It means you like patient X a lot, and you need her/him. ask her/him out if you are a boy. if you are a girl, well, i dunno. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- thanks. XD I'm a girl

What does it mean if a guy u know really well ad have a crush on says would u go out with me if i asked u out?

If a guy you know really well and have a crush on says "Would you go out with me if I asked you out?" it means that he is interested in you. He wants to know if you feel the same way as he does.

Does your crush like you since he asked for your number?


What if your ex boyfriend asked if you still missed him?

Answer his question woman.

What if this guy you know told you in front of your crush that you were easy and after a few seconds he was like jk then he gave you a high five but purposely missed it. Does it mean he dislikes you?

he's a loser

What does it mean if you dream of your crush liking another girl?

If this was asked by a girl, it means, that your crush like another girl in mind. He maybe likes you, but tell him your true feelings and maybe he might like you in the end.

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