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Guys generally appreciate physical affection through gentle touches, back scratches, head rubs, and playing with their hair. Massages, shoulder rubs, and cuddling are also well-received ways to show love and affection. Pay attention to his reactions and ask for feedback to understand what he enjoys the most.

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This is easy.

You could play with his hair

hold onto his belt

be playful in a sexual/teasing way

Stay near him or rest upon him as though you'll fall over if he doesn't help hold you up

and always look him in the eyes... ALWAYS!

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Q: My boyfriend says he wants me to 'love on him more' like hug him and stuff.I'm not sure how to do that exactly.How do guys like to be touched And whereLike things other than hugging holding hands...?
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Is 11 to young to have a boyfriend?

I think so at least no kissing or hugging. Holding hands is fine. Well it really just depends on the boy.

Why won't your school let you hold hands with your boyfriend?

It is because we are still young and not suitable for all this sort of "action" like kissing , hugging and holding hands

Your husband is hugging you while you are holding a baby?

its all good

Are relationships about holding hands hugging and kissing?

No, its about sharing emotions and ideas.

How should you hug your boyfriend after he has given you a present?

well my boyfriend likes me hugging him under his arms and i suggest going in for a kiss

Should you get a boyfriend in the6th grade?

Frankly, i find its sort of young, but a lot of people in grade six(my grade) are dating and holding hands and hugging, no more than that. Its not real. Good luck but wait a few years.

How do you turn your teenage boyfriend on?

Shoulders, Legs, Skin, Personality, Laughter, Hugging, and Kisses.

Can you only be boyfriend and girlfriend if you kiss?

Of course not! There is so much more to being boyfriend and girlfriend than just kissing! Talking, holding hands, hugging and having fun should all be parts of a relationship. If you are quite young then most people would not expect you to be kissing anyway! :D x

How can things be official for a boy and girl to be together?

dating and possible holding hands hugging and or kissing

How can you tel that a girl is cheating on his boyfriend?

If she is unusually happy or sad. She avoids outings quite often. She smirks when hugging and sighs when the boyfriend goes away.

What do you do when your friend broke up with her boyfriend for hugging another girl when he did not?

I think she wanted to break up with him anyway.

What does it mean when you dream of your boyfriend kissing and hugging you?

Dreaming of a kiss denotes love, affection, tranquility, harmony, and contentment. Since it's your boyfriend that is kissing you it means you are keeping him in your heart. Hugging in a dream symbolizes your loving and caring nature. Alternatively, it may indicate your need to be more affectionate.