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how old are you

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Q: My boyfriend is 14 can he get me pregnant?
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My boyfriend is 14 and i am 15 can he get me pregnant?

He certainly can

If you and your boyfriend are both 14 can he go to jail if he gets you pregnant?


If your 19 year old boyfriend gets you pregnant and you are 14 will he be sent to jail?

i am 20

Is it ok if you are 14 and your boyfriend is 16 and your pregnant?

it's okay that yall are together. but you shoud not get pregnet at that age.

If you are 14 and pregnant can you move in with your boyfriend when his mom says you can?

It depends on how old your boy-friend is and your state laws regarding that.

Can my boyfriend get arrested im 14 he is 19 and I am pregnant with his baby?

yes, unless both parents are perfectly okay with it.

You are only 14 and you are not sure if you are pregnant You and your boyfriend have been doing stuff together like near to sex how would you know you are pregnant?

Miss your period or pregnancy tests.

What places can a 14 year old pregnant girl marry her 18 year old boyfriend?

Don't ruin your life.

Can you live with your boyfriend if your pregnant and want to stay with him?

... If you have a boyfriend, pregnant.. Wouldn't it be best to stay with him? O.o

What does it mean if your boyfriend dream your pregnant?

you might be pregnant!

How do you get a boyfriend and get pregnant now?

i think u no how to get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend is infertile?