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Maybe your best friend is feeling anxious about something and that is why they are annoying. Talk to them and ask whet's going on.

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2014-12-11 01:52:01
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Q: My best friend has been really annoying lately Why is this Help please?
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What to do if your friend is really annoying and you dont want to be her friend anymore but cant tell her or your friends or family?

If you really care for your friend, tell him/her that he/she is annoying and it is bad to be annoying, people will not talk to you. Continue to tell him/her that she/he is annoying you and if she/he continues to be like that you can't carry on with your friendship.

What should you do if someone in your grade thinks your annoying?

Well if you really want to be their friend then stop annoying them.

How do you burn your friend that is so annoying at school?

She isn't really a "friend" now is she? You don't need to burn her. If she's so annoying tell her.

Is your little brother a wierdo?

I don't have one ,but my friend has a really annoying little sister ,and trust me she is ANNOYING!!!!!!!

Will you b continuing with ma boy friend?

No, he's really annoying me!

What do you do if your best friend brags a lot?

It depends.If he/she is like really annoying just ignore him/her

What do you do when a person is really annoying?

tell them they are really annoying

How do you know if your friend that is not nice and hangs out with is your friend or not?

well if she/he was really your friend they wouldn't be being so mean to you you should ask your friends my she/he is being so mean to u lately

What is an annoying friend?

-This is for you to figure out. -If you are the friend that's being annoying (if you might think) you will know when your friend starts to look really bored and sad. Also if you start to see a change in yourself, that could be the thing that is annoying your friend. You also really need to talk to your friend about it, its not fun to be the friend that's annoyed. If you don't improve it you'll friend will do something overtime. Then that might leave you in the ditch, so be carefull. -If you are the friend that's being annoyed it is also very easy to figure out. Once you start to feel sad around your friend and you don't want to maybe go to her house or hang out with her as much. - A annoying friend can change a lot of friendships, so be careful..

I have a really close guy friend I also have an amazing by friend I am 13 and lately everyone keeps telling me that my best guy friend likes me as more than a friend. Is he in love with me?

he's crushin' on you (maybe)

I have been feeling real depressed because i got really angry at my friend and have not been talking to to her lately what should i do?

If you have been feeling real depressed because you got really angry at your friend and have not been talking to her lately you should apologize for getting angry with her if you are sorry for it, or explain to her why you were angry and see if you can work it out.

How annoying is the most annoying orange?

It's really annoying.

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