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i have a muzzle loader with the marking on it that says c28 jb made in Spain sn42834 hammer looks like a flint lock that hols a nipple type cap what type of gun is this and does it have and value

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Q: Muzzle loader with the marking on it that says c28 jb made in Spain sn 42834 hammer looks like a flint lock that holds a nipple type cap what type of gun is this and does it have any value?
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Where can you find a small rifleprimer nipple for a hammer type muzzle loader?

Rifle primers are generally not reccommended for muzzle loading firearms- the flame is not large enough to reliably ignite black powder or Pyrodex. There are nipples that use a #209 shotgun primer, and even then, it is reccommended that you use a primer intended for black powder. Check with Dixie Gun works for a nipple that will fit your rifle.

What is the nipple thread size on a 50 cal ranson hawken style muzzle loader rifle?

I have a Ranson in ,45 calibre, the nipple on my rifle is M6x.75. Some Italian rifles have M6x100 threads.

Where do you find the plug that screws into the side of the barrel and holds the nipple on a Traditions Pioneer Rifle muzzle loader?

Dixie gun works website may have a drum for that one,

Is there a 209 primer conversion kit available for the 870?

By 870 I assume you mean the Model 870 shotgun? If so, there would be no purpose for that type of conversion. Shotshell primers are of the 209 size. The 209 "conversion" is done with muzzle loaders. The idea is to replace the muzzle loader nipple (that holds the cap) with a conversion unit that uses the 209 shotshell primer to get more positive ignition of the black powder.

What is the meaning of nipple of firearms?

Before modern firearms that use cartridge ammunition were made, there were muzzle loading firearms. To fire these, you pour loose gunpowder down the barrel, ram a lead ball down the barrel, and then place a percussion cap (small metal shell containing a pinch of explosives) on the gun's nipple. This is a hollow metal stud at the rear of the barrel. The hammer strikes the cap, crushing it against the nipple. It explodes, and sends a jet of fire through the hollow nipple, igniting the gunpowder in the barrel.

How do you load a muzzleloader?

With the muzzle pointed up, measure a charge of gunpowder, pour it down the barrel. Bump the butt to settle the powder. Place a greased cloth patch over muzzle, place ball on patch, press in with ball starter, then ram all the way down with ramrod. REMOVE RAMROD FROM BARREL. You can now place percussion cap on nipple, or priming powder in pan.

How do you load a 50 cal black powder rifle?

If you have not already done so, go to the website for the maker of your rifle- most have an owner's manual that you can download for free. Generic instructions for a sidelock percussion cap rifle- others are different- 1. Use the ramrod to insure that rifle is not already loaded. If empty: 2. Place a cap on the nipple, and fire the cap (to clear any oil in the nipple) 3. Measure a charge of black powder, and pour down the barrel. 4. Give the rifle a slight twist/shake to settle powder 5. Place a greased cloth patch across muzzle of rifle. Place ball on top of patch 6. Use a ball starter to push the ball into the muzzle, and down an inch or two 7. Use ramrod to push bullet down barrel, until it is FIRMLY seated on top of the powder. 8. Remove ramrod, put back in storage spot 9. Cock hammer. Place fresh percussion cap on nipple. 10. If not shooting immediately, with muzzle pointed in safe direction, lower hammer to safety position. 11. When ready to shoot, bring hammer to full cock, pull trigger EYE PROTECTION IS A MUST.

How do you load a riffle?

In the case of a muzzle loader, you wouldfirst swab the bore with a dry patch, then fire a test shot by leaving the bore unloaded and charging the pan on a flintlock or placing a cap on the nipple in the case of a cap lock and firing to see that the flash hole is clear. Again swab the bore, then pour your measured powder charge (varies by type of gun and caliber) down the barrel, followed by a lead ball with a cloth patch wrapped under it. The patch and ball would be rammed down the barrel and firmly seated on the powder charge. Then the pan would be charged or the nipple capped, you have a loaded rifle.

How do you know if a civil war rifle is loaded or not?

If it is a muzzleloading rifle, and if you have the ramrod- remove ramrod from the stored position, insert in the barrel as far as it will go. Mark the rod at the edge of the muzzle, withdraw the rod, and lay it alongside the barrel, with the mark you made at the muzzle. If it reaches all the way to the cap nipple, it is not loaded. If the rod stops short of the nipple by an inch or two, then powder and ball are loaded. Do not attempt to unload by firing it until a gunsmith has checked your rifle. There are tools that a smith can use to unload a rifle without firing it.

How does a lorenz rifle work?

It is a muzzle loading cap lock rifle. A measured charge of gunpowder is poured down the barrel, and a cloth patched lead ball is pushed down the barrel with the ramrod. A percussion cap is placed on the nipple, and the rifle is ready to fire. Pulling the trigger makes tha hammer drop. This crushes the cap, casuing it to explode, and send a jet of fire through the hole in the nipple. This ignites the powder, and the expanding gasses push the bullet up the barrel. As a note, The Lorenz did not work that well- problems in manufacturing consistent bore diameters resulted in poor accuracy.

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