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Inexpensive import

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Q: More about Gecado 12 gauge hammer gun?
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What is the value of a Symonds 'Keeper Gun' 12G hammer-gun?

The value of a Symonds "Keeper Gun" 12 gauge hammer-gun is actually dependent on a number of things. Some of these things would be the age and condition of the gun.

Where could i find the price for a cal. 22 lr. 8 shot hand gun the brand is gecado?

Gun shop, gun show, Egunparts

In what year a 28 gauge American gun co double barrel hammer gun serial number 268 was made?

around 1900 +- 5 years

When was the Gecado model 16 made and roughly what is it worth in 2008?

You will have to check the Blue Book of Gun Values

What is a gecado model 11 25 caliber pistol worth?

Blue Book of Gun Values will help.

How old is American Gun Co ny ny dual trigger dual hammer 12 gauge?

@ turn of the century

Can you tell you the approx age of a single barreled 12 gauge hammer gun with the Essex name?

A big hammer mounted on the side? Probably 1890-1915. A smaller hammer in the center of the receiver? 1910-1945.

What is the hammer on the airsoft gun?

It's just decoration, on real guns the hammer is used for the powder to explode but airsoft BB's don't have any powder so the hammer is for making the gun more realistic.

What is a 44 gauge gun?

There is no 44 gauge gun.

How much is this gun worth Harrington and Richardson 28 gauge double barrel hammer shot gun?

condition is key. from $150 to several hundred. 28 ga is a premium for all makers.

Is there a conversion kit available anywhere to change a Crescent Arms New Empire hammerless double barrel twelve gauge into an external hammer gun?


When was 12 gauge double barrel hammer shotgun made by Eureka Gun Company?

Most likely within the last 70-100 yrs