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1 man army on all of your classes, and a different class for every situation (sniper + stopping power; claymore + danger close; grenade launcher + frag grenade + danger close; hardline class to switch to when 2 kills from a killstreak; stealth class for when air support is up; etc.)

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Q: Modern warfare 2 best class for getting nuke?
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What is the best class in call of duty modern warfare?

the heavy class

What is the best class in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 2?

for me assault is the best class

How do you choose the best weapons and perks for your classes in Modern Warfare 2?

All of that depends on how you play there isn't a class that is the best for everyone.

Can you censor modern warfare 2?

modern warfare is the best, why would you want to ?

What is the best modern warfare 2 game?

Huh? Modern Warfare 2 is a game, not a category.

What is the best hard core search and destroy class in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare?

hey everone want to be my friend

What is the best class for getting a tactical nuke on modern warfare 2?

i would use ump45 with silencer and FMJ aikimbo rangers semtec bling pro hardline pro comando pro death streak is martydom

Best map on modern warfare 2?

the best map for xbox live on the game modern warfare 2 is either favela or rust.

What is the best class to create in modern warfare 2?

Riot shield bling danger close desert eagle sit rep pro

What is the best possible knifing class for call of duty modern warfare 2?

ump45 with siliencer and usp45 akimbo with marathon lightweght and commando

Who is the best on modern warfare?

Spartan Jay.

Will modern warfare 2 be the best game out?