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If you've had sex and there was an "accident" where the man released his sperm inside of you, you could be pregnant. If there is absolute no chance that you are pregnant it might just be your body this does happen some times if your under to much stress or anything i would consult with your doctor tho.

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Q: Missed period since January and gained 4 lbs this month What is going on?
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How you can tell if you maybe going to have a baby?

You have a missed period

Is 9 days before a missed period to soon to take a pregnancy test?

Yes it is, you should take the test at the earliest which is 5 days before a missed period. 5 days before a missed period? how is she going to know her period is not going to come ahead of time? I would wait until the period doesnot come to take the test or only take it before the period if you believe you are having an unwanted pregnancy.

You missed your period for 4.5 months now What is going on?

See your Doctor as you may have irregular periods.

You are 42 yrs you missed your period pregnancy test is negative what will be the reason?

Going by your age it is possible that you are starting the menopause and that your missed period is just the start of the irregularity of the menstrual cycle that is a symptom of menopause but you will need to see your doc, he/she should run a few tests for you and that will tell you what is going on.

You have missed your period you have no symptoms and you have a negative pregnancy test what is going on with your body?

Missing a period has many causes besides pregnancy. Many women (especially adolescents) have irregular periods to begin with. Stress, illness, and poor diet can also cause missed periods. See your doctor if this continues. One missed period is not cause for panic.

Is backache a symptom of pregnancy before period missed?

Most likely no. Before ur period is usually a sign of menstration wich means you're going to get your period very soon. Stop worrying :)

Pregnancy signs with in the first 14 days?

Missed period, swollen and/or tender breasts, morning sickness are going to be the most obvious signs.

What to do if I don't get my period for one month?

Since you don't tell us how old you are I am going to assume you are young and just started your periods. If this true a young woman just starting her period will have irregular periods for the first year or two. Also some periods cycles are longer than 28 days and can go 35-38 days. If you have NOT had sex a missed period can happen. If you have been sick a missed period can happen or if you have started a athletic program it can happen. Many things can cause a missed period, but if it continues see a doctor.

Ive missed my period and im getting a lot of nausea i get cramps and i started to get them around the time of my period but I never got it. Any clue what's going on?

ever thought of something call pregnancy??

Sandra, sorry to hea?

Sandra, sorry to hear all of this is going on. There is a chance that a missed period is due to the stress that you are going through, as that is known to occur. Have you noticed anything such as hot flashes or changes in sexual interest?

Is there a grace period for paying your car insurance?

No The insurance coverage expires the instant, Usually 12:01 AM, that the payment date has been missed. The police only care if the car is insured and are not going to give a grace period for this.

I havent had my period and I dont have sex...What could be wrong with me?

If you are still under 18 years old then your cycle may not be regular yet. There are a few other things that can cause a late or missed period. Stress and diet change can also cause you to have a late or missed period. Any time you are concerned about something that is going on with your body then you should be seen by a doctor or medical practitioner. It can ease your mind if nothing else.