Meaning of a heart locket tattoo?

Updated: 10/5/2023
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A locket tattoo that is in the shape of a heart symbolizes that someone or something is dear to you. It is common for a heart-shaped locket tattoo to have a keyhole inside it and a loop at the top for the chain.

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To me, it means your locking up your heart.

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Q: Meaning of a heart locket tattoo?
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What is the meaning of a butterfly inside a heart tattoo?

There are a few different meanings that a butterfly inside of a heart could have in a tattoo. One possible meaning in this tattoo is that the person has peace inside of their heart.

What does the fire heart tattoo mean?

The meaning of the tattoo depends upon the receiver. This is true for all tattoos, they do not have one true meaning

What is the origin of the t-bar on a necklace placed where a locket or a heart may hang?

what is the meaning of a bar necklace

What tattoo's have the meaning of true love and faithfulness?

A heart and a cross

What is the meaning of a black heart in a tattoo on lower back?


How many pictures will a heart locket hold?

Usually just two pictures are put in to heart locket.

Where to get locket in Animal Jam?

You have to trade you can't just buy a heart locket.

What does a tattoo of a winged heart symbolize?

Well to me a winged heart with a halo obove them is my personal symbol for Faith, Hope and Love. The halo meaning Faith, wings meaning Hope and the heart meaning Love.

Where on animal jam is a rare heart locket?

You can get rare heart lockets by trading, or you can buy yourself a heart locket during valentines day at the jamaa clothing shop

What is the meaning of a black heart in a tattoo?

a black heart usually means someone is either heartless, or their heart has been blackened by someone or an event that has taken place. or it means they're heartbroken. it could also just be they like the design. meanings vary from person to person. there isn't a universal meaning for every tattoo.

What is the meaning of the bear paw tattoo?

That someone is a gentle giant, who loves to give hugs, and who has a heart of gold.

Would you pick a heart shaped locket necklace or a regular necklace with a heart on it?

Locket, women/girls like it way better than a normal necklace. It has more love in it.