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No always take your time with important decisions. Try to look for different answers and the outcomes to them. When you finally have an answer with a good outcome give your answer out.

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Q: Make an important decision quickly
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When is it important to make a decision quickly?

In case of emergency it is very important to make a decision quickly. Otherwise, things will slip from your hands.

What is the ability to size up a situation quickly determine what is important and make a decision of what needs to be done?


Why should you never make major decisions quickly?

You should never make decisions quickly because you need to think about it and see if it is a good decision or a bad decision.

Why are values important when making a decision?

It is important to remember your values when making a decision as otherwise, the decision you make will not help you as it will not be based around your life.

What are the factors that make a decision important?

A Successful job interview

Why is it important to evaluate the consequences of each option before you make a decision?

You would want to make the decision that will lead to the best consequences, obviously.

You never make major decisions quickly?

No, take time to think about your decision, and be wise about it, and chose carefully.

What is the most important decision you have made in the last two years?

to make out

A Person should never make an important decision alone?

Sometimes, we should decide something. It is difficult to make a decision, because it should be careful. But let us think that the thing what we have to decide is very important as well as the problem what can changes our life badly. It might be more difficult to decide that. If you should decide alone the things related other's life, then what can you do? How do you have to do? In my opinion, at least, you should try to make a good decision alone, although it is dangerous. I do not mean to criticize the statement. The statement is right. We should not make an important decision alone. It might be better to decide an important thing together. But, if we are in the dangerous situation, such as the big problem concerned human's life, and you should decide something alone, then you should try to make an important decision alone. In this case, there is no problem. You cannot make a decision together. But consider this situation: a company has met a financial crisis. And its CEO has to decide the big decision. Can he make an important decision like a workout alone? No, he can't. He has to need the opinion of directors, because it is the very important decision deposited many people (who are the employee of the company)'s livelihood. It should be very careful, so many people's decision is necessary. One person's wrong decision can ruin many people's life. We should make an important decision needed the carefulness together.

When the information available to a manager is incomplete because the manager must make a decision quickly is called?

A time constraint

How will each the firms decision making?

You can make decision making firm by putting your foot forward of the choice or the decision that you made. You should decide and stick with it. You make sure that you have proof or enough evidence showing that your decision is important and correct.

What important decision did Abraham Lincoln make for the gettygurg adressed?

Abraham. Lincoln was the most famous person and his best decision was to make the speech is to encourage people