Loudest sound ever recorded

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The loudest sound ever recorded are rock concert speakers.

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Q: Loudest sound ever recorded
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What is the loudest animal sound ever recorded?


When was the loudest sound of a volcanic eruption heard and in which year?

Mount Krakatoa in Indonesia in 1883 was the loudest ever heard and recorded volcanic eruption, the sound of its eruption was heard up to the northernmost tip of Japan

What was the loudest animal sound ever measured?


What was the loudest sound ever described by humans?


What is the loudest sound can go?

194 dB (decibels) is the loudest sound on Earth ever. Some people say that the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 was the loudest sound ever, being heard at 5,000 kilometers away! That eruption was around 180 dB!

What is the loudest sound ever described by humans?

Tunguska Meteor

What is the name of the strongest earthquake?

The loudest recorded earthquake occurred in Japan in March of 2011. The Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory and Oregon State University stated it was the loudest underwater sound ever recorded.

What was the loudest volcanic eruption ever?

Krakatoa or Krakatau in Indonesia was the loudest volcanic explosion that ever recorded, was heard 3,500 km ( 2,170 miles ) and it was in 1883

What is the loudest noise your ears can take?

The loudest noise or sound is The Bloop because in 1997, U.S. NOAA heard a sound that is never been heard of that is also the loudest sound ever. The sound can cause from more than 5,000 km away from it's source. If it is an animal, it is louder and bigger than the loudest animal and the biggest animal in Earth.

What caused the loudest sound ever recorded?

An ex-wife ... lol Sorry, just couldn't resist ... ! _____________ Of the various natural things that can occur on earth without extra-terrestrial involvement, the loudest thing perhaps is the eruption of the caldera of a mega-volcano, or the eruption of a very large cone-producing volcano. Maybe louder still would be a collision with a very large comet or other body. I wouldn't like to be around in either case. Considering non-cataclysmic events, my guess would be: either the world's winds combined, or the world's surface water. If we could collect and concentrate the sound produced by either of these things, the loudness would be unexpected and phenomenal.

Is the Krakatoa the loudest sound ever to be heard on earth?

yes krakatoa is the loudest sound ever recorded at a distance of 160 kilometres 180 decibels at a distance within 12 kilometres 210 decibels and in range has 270 decibels and within crater 300 decibels the explosion of 200 megatons of TNT has over 363 decibels +++ I cannot vouch for the numbers but they would be peak over-pressures because the maximum airborne sound pressure level possible is 194dB re 20µPa. Even if you use 1µPa as the reference pressure you would add only another 26db, making it 220dB re1µPa.

Is the band THE CHAIR the loudest band in Sweden?

Yes. Possibly the Loudest band in the whole world, ever.