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A woman must wait 2 days for signs of pregnancy, this means you must wait 2 days after intercourse to take a pregnancy test

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Q: Long must a woman wait for signs of pregnancy?
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How far along must a girl be in pregnancy for a hit to be manslaughter?

A fetus is a life, as long as a woman tests + for a pregnancy, its a life & if its taken its manslaughter!

Can feel like the start of a period be signs of pregnancy?

Yes. Mild cramping, sore breasts, light spotting, every body getting on your nerves, fatigue. All signs that your period is coming, but it never does. Must be pregnant!

I feel crampy and like a fullness in my stomach together with sore breasts. I must add that I was also bleeding for a couple of days. Are these signs of pregnancy?

These are menstrual symptoms.

What precaution to be taken to stop pregnancy occurring in the fallopian tube?

Prevention of tubal pregnancy must happen from early in a woman's sexual life. Preventing infection with chlamydia and gonorrhea, which can result in scarring, are the most important steps in lowering the risk of tubal pregnancy.

How long must you wait before doing a pregnancy test?

if i had a miscarriage in late october would i still be getting positive pregnancy test results on December 12

Pregnancy happen when hymen is breakdown and penis get into the female sex organ?

Pregnancy occurs when sperm fertilizes an egg in the woman's uterus, not when the hymen breaks. The hymen breaking does not determine whether a woman can get pregnant. It is the union of sperm and egg that leads to pregnancy.

Does smooching make a women pregnant?

No, smooching or kissing does not make a woman pregnant. Pregnancy only occurs when sperm fertilizes an egg, typically through sexual intercourse.

Can a woman carry pregnancy to full term with one kidney?

Theoritically the answer is YES, sure a woman with one kidney not only can be pregnat, but capable of carrying the whole pregnancy and deliver a healthy child, BUT, the woman should be at check and control by Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and Nephrologist (specialist in kidney). Must check threshold after pregnancy, creatinine, urea, glomerular and tubular fuction, as well as heart function (incld. blood pressure)

You have sore nipples and your period is a week late does this mean im pregnant?

You must always remember sore boobs are not the only sign of pregnancy there are the other signs , like nausea, cramps backache as well.

What is the rule for subtracting integers with the same signs?

if the signs are the same you must add its opposite.

What does the expression she must be a hell of a woman mean?

she must be some kind of woman like special or amazing she must be some kind of woman like special or amazing

How long do you wait to take the home pregnancy test if you havent been taking your pill on time?

If you are worried, just take the pregnancy test. The peace of mind is well worth a few bucks. It will tell you on the package how far along in your pregnancy you must be (if you're pregnant) to get accurate results.