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Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all markings.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-27 23:18:29
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Q: Liege single barrel shotgun cal 410 2.5 old?
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How old is a 410 Liege double barrel shotgun serial 5140?

Liege is the city in Belgium where it was made. Would need to know ALL the markings on the shotgun.

What is the age and manufacture of a single barrel shotgun marked Richard Burton co Liege?

hi i have just got my first shotgun witch is a Richard Burton & co liege 410 single barrel shotgun i to would like to now the age f this gun have any luck in get in any info on if so i would appreciate any info u could give me. thanks Jake

Where can you get replacement foring pins for a liege double barrel shotgun?

Find a good gunsmith and machinist.

What is the value of a Lapage a Liege double barrel antique shotgun pin fire twist steel serial number 3144?

16 ga lapagage a liege double barrel with hammers ser. number 739

Neumann Co Liege-Relgique double barrel shotgun with a picture of lighthouses on the barrel Any ideas of its age or value?

There is one shotgun. It is Belgium made. DePose POUDRER VIVE with name NEUMANN FRERES from LIEGE on barel. If You have some interests, please write on e-mail:

What is the value of a 16 gauge liege shotgun?

if it's a double barrel hand made one (before 1900s) at least 6k.

How do you identify the make of a double barrel shotgun marked with a crown over the letterd also marked PV?

Liege, Belgium Superior proof mark A smokeless powder proof

Liege United Arms Co shotgun?

I have a full ckoke 168, Liege double barrel 12 guage shotgun. The serial # is 10003 and the model is a "Leader". I am looking for the approximent value of it or a way to find it out. I have one also serial no. 19203, 12 ga. 30" F& IC. It has engraving and looks like a Francotte. I have the same question!!!

What is the manufacture date of a Liege Arms Co Ltd double barrel side by side hammer shotgun serial 662?

Most likely within the last 50-100 yrs.

Would someone please share information on an A Richard Belgium double barrel shotgun not a W Richard Belgium?

Most likely a gun maker in the Liege region at the turn of the century.

Who is the manufacturer of a side by side shotgun stamped A Godefroid J Lejeune Fauve Succ Liege?

The makers are the two listed. Liege is the city in Belgium where it was made.

Double barrel with the name fdumoulin liege on the barrel with markings of a sun with stars inside it also has c16 on the barrel?

The firm of Francois Dumoulin & Sons has been a maker of firearms in Leige, and now Herstal Belgium since the late 1800s. Below is a link to their company website. They may be able to provide you with additional information on your shotgun.

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