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If you love your woman then youll have the feeling

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2010-03-03 17:58:24
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Q: Lesbian love how can you tell she is in love with you?
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How to know if your a lesbian or not?

You can tell if you are a lesbian if you do not enjoy the company of men, and if you have love tendencies towards other girls.

How do you get rid of lesbian rumors?

You have to tell a guy that you love them. then you wont be lez.

How do you make your lesbian friend believe that you really do love her?

tell her you love her tell her why make sure she knows that you'll be there for her and you want to be with her good luck ^_^

How could a fem lesbian know if her butch live-in lesbian lover of one year is in love with her if the partner doesn't tell her?

you feel it if its there.

How do you tell your husband that you are a lesbian?

tell him the reasons why you are a lesbian...he will understand.

My friend is a lesbian and I think I love her What should I do?

You should approach her and tell her your feelings for her and you can start to date since you love her already.

You are lesbian from Pakistan can anyone tell you how to find lesbian in Pakistan?

Hi, I'm Saima Balouch I'm Lesbian, i used to make love with my female friends and also my mom. plz visit my link: love only lesbian Saima

You are a lesbian and you love this girl what should you tell her?

You should tell her nothing until you are absolutely certain she is also a lesbian. If she's not, you're wasting precious energy and setting yourself up for heartache.

What if you love somebody but you are not sure if she is a lesbian or loves you back?

Tell the person how you feel. There is nothing to loose.

What happens if you like a girl but you find out she a lesbian?

gt a sex change or tell her u love her

How do you tell if you're lesbian?

You can tell if you are a lesbian if you are attracted exclusively to other women.

How should i tell my lesbian friend i love her if I'm a guy?

Hey, Well you should tell her how you feel and see what she says because not all lesbian relations are signs that you friend is a lesbian it means she is experimenting especially at a young age, so tell her dude and see what she says!!! =D GOOD LUCK!

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