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LED Christmas lights are very bright and can be very distracting. Regular Christmas lights are often just as pretty but cost more to light.

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2014-08-21 10:00:15
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Q: Led Christmas lights vs regular Christmas lights?
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Why do many people use LED lights for their outside Christmas lights?

Since Christmas lights are left on for all hours of the night and LEDs use up to 33% less energy, the holidays are an opportune time to take advantage of LED Christmas Lights. But LED lights not only use less energy while helping you save you money-they also offer several other advantages over their incandescent predecessors. Let's take a look at why you should upgrade your Christmas lights this holiday season. By now, everyone should be aware of the environmental benefits of using less energy. Using less energy means we can keep more of the natural resources we use to produce energy on earth for longer, and it also means we can help reduce the amount of pollution coming from our power plants. Because LEDs use such little power in comparison to energy-guzzling incandescents (an average LED light string consumes less than 5 watts of power vs. 20 watts or more for an incandescent string) they are by far the more eco-friendly choice. The price, on average, for LED Christmas lights is a little more than double that of incandescent lights. Although this may seem steep, LED energy savings can equal their cost over the course of just 4 seasons, or a full-year of continuous use. As Christmas lights are supposed to be long-lasting items you can bring out year after year, they will undoubtedly pay for themselves over time. In the more immediate sense, LED Christmas lights use up to 1/3 less power than incandescents, minimizing your monthly electric bill.

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For the same reason that the lights in your home are wired in parallel instead of series: if one bulb fails it is the only one that does not light. If they were wired in series, when any one bulb failed the entire string would not light (making it much harder to identify the failed bulb).However some Christmas tree lights are wired in series, but they use special low voltage bulbs using a special internal shorting switch that reconnects the circuit through a burned out bulb permitting the other bulbs to continue to receive current and remain lighted.However incandescent Christmas tree lights are being phased out and replaced with LED Christmas tree lights, which won't fail for many years and run much cooler (effectively eliminating the risk of Christmas tree fires caused by the electric lights). This also largely makes the issue of parallel vs. serial wiring of Christmas tree lights irrelevant, as you won't be replacing the bulbs.

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