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Q: Large amount of body fat is called?
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Does the fennec fox have a large amount of body fat?

no, the fennec fox has as little body fat possible

An abnormal amount of fat in the body?

An abnormal amount of fat in the body is obesity.

What is the amount of body fat in relation to total body weight called?

BMI. boidy mass index

A large amount of fat amount of fat accumulates in the?

Belly mainly Also, butt, thighs, hips

Which two products made from potatoes have a large amount of fat?

The two products made from potatoes that have a large amount of fat are Roast potatoes and Chips

What amount of the Body's energy is supplied by fat?

Fat supplies 60 percent of the body's energy

Where are large amount of carbohydrates stored?


Why does a person always feel cold after losing a large amount of weight?

they always feel cold because the "fat" that was lost carried most of there body heat. if they where "fat" for along time they most likely used to that body tempurature.

A term for fat in the body?

Fat in the body is called adipose tissue. Fats are also called lipids.

What is a healthy amount of body fat a high school student should have?

18 to 25 percent body fat.

When are you classified as fat?

You are classified as "fat" when you have a large BMI (body mass index).

How much fat are in a large frie at McDonald's?

Calories:500Total Fat :25gProtein:6gSodium:350mgCarbohydrates:63gS\N: Written By Kia