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Well, technically it will stay in your body as long as you have your current fat cells, which store the metabolites of marijuanna. Depending on your level of past usage, you could test positive on a drug test for up to about 45 days.

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Q: Just stopped smoking cannabis how long will it stay in your system for?
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Why does a person feel so tired after smoking pot?

Ganja (or weed, pot, Cannabis whatever you want to call it) Affects Everybody different, but the tiredness could just be your body relaxing and your not used to it.

How do you mask cannabis in a urine test?

A mass spectrometer, used in drug testing, will detect THC in your system up to 6 months after smoking, no matter what you do. Don't fall for the "get clean quick" schemes and products out there - just people trying to take advantage of you and make a buck. The best thing to do is not smoke it in the first place if you know you will be in a position where you will need to be tested.

How do you get the most THC out of cannabis?

pick off the little THC crystals and put it on tinfoil, roast it, and then snort it. learned that one from my dawg snoop dizzle. Or if you want to smoke it just use a vaporizer. you get something like 95% of the THC and your just smoking straight THC, no plant, so it smokes really smooth and tastes good.

How long it will take for pot to be out of my system to pass a urine test?

well it takes a month to exit the system fully but just drink alot of water every day for about a week and pee a lot do this about a week before the test It's according to how much pot you smoke, just a one time user, then ajust a couple of days. The more you smoke the longer it takes to rid your body of the metabolites, that's what the test actually test for, not thc, but it's metabolites. My friend who no longer smokes like he used to, had stopped smoking for 3 months, smoked a bowl and passed his urine test in 3 days after smoking it. The thing is though, he was a chronic smoker at one time, took him 2 months to get clean from smoking when he did stop. Now, he just hits a small bowl maybe once every 2 or 3 months, cleans out super fast and doesn't have to worry about having to get a lot of pot out of his system. it also depends on your health, weight and metabolism. but like i said, if you smoke like once a month, you should be good in about 3-5 days at the most, whoever you are.

Does smoking marijuana make you smarter?

According to the article I read at, smoking marijuna will not make you smart. It will just make either make you attentive or even focused.

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Does inhaling cannabis smoke affect you even if you not smoking it yourself?

yes! it is just as bad as secondhand smoking

How do you stop smoking cannabis?

Just stop smoking it. It's really that easy - weed is not chemically addictive.

Can you be fired for smoking cannabis in own time in the UK?

yes i just have been

How is cannabis dangerous?

Not dangerous at all. Just don't drive maybe? It just makes you happy is all

What do you if your brother says he has stopped smoking but you had just caught him smoking?

Chainsaw his head off brosepholis dawg

How long will cannabis stay in your system just by being around someone that is smoking cannabis?

Second-hand marijuana smoke can leave traces of the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in your urine for a day or so after breathing the smoke, but the smoke would have to be so thick that it would irritate the eyes of smokers and passive smoke breathers alike.

Can you smoke cannabis straight off the Stem?

Yes, If you are smoking the buds off the stem. No, If you are just smoking stems you will feel lightheaded, you may even get a headache. Smoking stems has been proven to lower sperm count in males.

How many people stopped smoking aftger the smoking ban was introduced?

Some but not many, Most just went outside to smoke instead lol

Can you get gangrene from smoking cannabis?

Somewhat. I imagine if someone had poor enough hygiene and you also did, and had used the same "pipe" or "joint," it could be remotely possible. However, just smoking Cannabis will _not_ in itself give you Gangreene. That's not unlike saying eating raw broccoli will give you HIV, which is also false.

Does smoking cannabis gain weight?

no, that's just a rumor, you can only gain weight if you go crazy when you get the munchies and eat lots of food everytime you smoke

If you've stopped smoking for a few months will THROAT speciallists be able to recognize you smoke?

Yes and no, Yes if you have been smoking for a long time, No if you just had like 1 ciggerate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!