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Birth Control pills are not effective until you have used them for 7 days. Thus, your chances of being pregnant are the same as if you were not on birth control at all.

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Q: Ive only been on the birth control pill for 4 days and after the third day you and your boyfriend had unprotected sex how likely is it im pregnant?
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How likely am i to be pregnant My fianc and I had unprotected I'm not on birth control and he did not pull out This happened twice Is it likely I'm pregnant?

There is a 50% chance that you are pregnant if your fiancee and you had unprotected sex, you are not on birth control and he did not pull out. If this happened twice, it is 50% likely that you are pregnant but the only way you will know for sure is by taking a pregnancy test.

Is it likely to get pregnant during your period if your unprotected?

"Likely", no. But it has happened.

You have stopped taking birth control pills for 6 months and you have been taking them since you were 18 years old you have had unprotected sex within the last week are you pregnant?

Possibly, get a test and see. well there is most likely you will be pregnant if you had sex unprotected.

Had unprotected sex one time and on birth control for week boyfriend is clean but ejaculated during sex?

Its a possibility... are you but not likely, was it a full ejaculation while he was in you.. or was he trying to pull out?

Are teens more likely to get pregnant?

yes because they are less likely to use birth control because they can't afford it, or are afraid of violation of privacy, can't afford it. etc. also, because teens are more fertile than older people. So if a teen has unprotected sex they are more likely to get pregnant than someone who is 30 years old having unprotected sex.

If a boy chum in you canyou get pregant?

Having unprotected sex is very likely to get you pregnant.

If you have unprotected sex then start your period the very next day are you not pregnant?

Most likely not, but it is still possible that the sperm could stay motile through your cycle. Although this is not likely. This is not a good form of birth control at all.

You are pregnant and you used a condom and pulled outcould you be pregnant with this person?

Was there someone else you had unprotected sex with? If so, then that's the likely father. But you could be, it just isn't likely.

Is sex after menstruation period protects you for not being pregnant?

You can get pregnant at any time suring your cycle if you have unprotected sex. It is less likely to get pregnant DURING your menstrual period, but it is possible. If you are trying not to get pregnant, make sure you use a condom during your whole cycle. If you've had unprotected sex and you're worried you might get pregnant, go to a helth department or Planned Parenthood and ask for the Plan B pills. They are higher does birth control pills that may stop you from getting pregnant.

My period came on the fifth of July and left on the 16th and on the 13th i had unprotected sex and my boyfriend came in me. It now the next month and i havent seen my menstrual am i pregnant?

Not very likely but definitely possible. Take a test just to be sure

Can someone get pregnant if they have unprotected sex while on an antibiotic but they didnt come in you?

Yes, it is possible, although not very likely.

You had unprotected intercourse during your fertile period how likely is it that you could be pregnant?

VERY. Its happened to me too many times.