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yes indeed your birthday is on a day of the year and if it is your birthday today, happy birthday!

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Q: Is your birthday on a day?
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When is day day from the rangers birthday?

his birthday on july the third

When is pokemon's birthday?

The pokemons birthday is the day you caught them. Your starter pokemons birthday is the day you started your adventure

How do you say happy birthday enjoy your day?

Happy birthday enjoy your day

When is south Australia's birthday?

South Australia's birthday is the same day as its Proclaimation Day. (Look that up) Its Proclaimation Day and its birthday is the 28th December, 1836.

When do you have your birthday?

You have your birthday each year on the date that you were born. On that day, you become one year older. You can celebrate on that day, or a convenient day that is near your actual birthday.

Which patriot's birthday is celibrated as the patriotism day?

which patriot's birthday is celebrated as the patriotism day.

What animals have an official birthday?

All animals have a birth day. as the day they were born is there birthday.

When did birthday become birthday?

Birthday became birthday because you are a year older on your BIRTH- DAY

Is there a day when there is not a birthday on earth?

No, everyday is someone's birthday

When is my sister's birthday?

Your sister's birthday is the day she was born.

What is a birthday girl?

A birthday girl is a female who is celebrating her birthday on a given day.

Is the feast day the same thing has there birthday?

A feast day is a day of celebration of something. It does not have to be on the birthday of the person being celebrated.