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Long term

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Q: Is yellowing of the skin from smoking long or short term effect?
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Does smoking cannabis effect you health?

*Affect and yes and no short term yes long term no

What kind of things have effect on the lungs?

Smoking and Drinkin have a bad effect on the lungs in the long term :) x

What are all of the short and long term affects of smoking?

your liver will affect

How does smoking affects your lifespan?

if you start smoking it can effect you in just minutes. but if you smoke for a long period of time, it can shorten your life by 11 years.

Is steroids Short-term or long-term effect?


What term effect does an earthquakes long term or short term?

Answer: Short Term

What are the short and long term effects of exercise on the valsalva effect?

Short term

What short and long term effects can arthritis have on the body?

short term affects pain long term effect crippling,

What are the differents between long term aid and short term aid?

Short term aid is things like food and water that only has a short term effect and long term aid is things that have a long term effect like tools and materials.

What is the difference between long term and short term effects?

The difference between long and short term causes are..... short term cause is the main reason for somthing being the way it is for a little while and soon people get over it. Mainly, a short term effect is how something immediately affects about something.. long term cause if somthing happens and it is very prolonging all for that one cause and is carried out for a very long time. A long term effect is an affect thatwill happen later in the future.. there is also the continuous effect, which starts and does not end until you get rid of the somthing. . so there is short term effect, long term effect and continuous term effect

What are the short term and long term affects on your body?

Depends on what you are talking about kiddo. Smoking? Alchohol? Who knows.

Is bronciitis a long or short term effect?

As long as the bronchitis is treated, it should have a short term effect. Talk to your doctor to get a more specific answer. If your bronchitis is very severe it could take longer.