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Yeast infection no. tender breast, possibly

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2009-06-14 03:07:22
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Q: Is yeast infection and tender breast a sign of pregnancy?
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You are experiencing itching swelling and vaginal discharge are you pregnant?

it's a yeast infection. ask your doctor to recommend a safe product to use that won't affect the pregnancy. do not take any oral medications for yeast infections if you are pregnant unless your doctor prescribes them.

Can a yeast infection be cured if you are on your period?

No, a yeast infection can't be cured by menstruation. If anything a yeast infection may be made worse by menstruation because during menstruation the blood changes the pH of the vagina so it is more favourable to harmful bacteria and yeast. Using certain menstrual products such as tampons or commercial pads can also increase risks of infection, commercial pads especially can cause yeast infections as they prevent air-flow to the genitals so making the area warm and wet so perfect for yeast growth. If you have a yeast infection it's best to seek treatment, confirm diagnosis with a doctor ideally (especially if you're sexually active, in case it's something else), and then you can use over-the-counter yeast infection treatment.

Is itching and burning a sign of having your period?

No, itching and burning have nothing to do with menstruation - these symptoms suggest that you have a vaginal infection such as a yeast infection, get an over-the-counter yeast infection treatment or go to your doctor for tests and treatment.

Can you take a morning contraceptive along with yeast infection medication?

There are no known drug interactions between yeast infection medications and levonorgestrel morning after pills like Plan B and Postinor.

Is cervical discharge a sign of pregnancy?

No, cervical discharge is not a sign of pregnancy. Changes in cervical discharge can mean anything from a sexually transmitted disease/infection, vaginal infection, urine infection and so on. Any changes that worry you should be checked by your doctor. The above is not fully true. Extra Cervical discharge can be a sign of pregnancy as long as pain, burning or itch do not accompany it. If you have extra discharge but feel burn or itch of any kinda then you may have a yeast infection, bladder/urinary track infection and should see your doctor. However if you only have the discharge alone and your period is late then yes it could be a potential sign.

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Is itchy breast a sign of pregnancy?

No. You may have a rash or yeast infection under the Breast.

Could a possible yeast infection be a sign of pregnancy?

How would a yeast infection be a sign of pregnancy? You treat a yeast infection with medication you can purchase at the drug store. If you think you're pregnant, take a pregnancy test. The signs of pregnancy are a missing period and positive pregnancy test.

Can a pregnancy test be wrong if you have a yeast infection?

No it can not.

Does a yeast infection mean pregnancy?

not always

Is a yeast infection a sign of pregnancy?

Not at all.

Can you get breast cancer if hubby sucks my breast?

No...but if you develop painful breasts, you may have a yeast infection (rare!).

Can you be pregnant if you have yeast infection?

A yeast infection is not a symptom of pregnancy but is something some women experience, pregnant or not. If you've had sex you could be pregnant, a pregnancy test is the best way to determine if you are pregnant.

What can you use on a yeast infection under your breast?

Use the same cream that you use on a vaginal yeast infection. It works. If you are using a soap that kills bacteria quit using that because it kills the good bacteria and promotes the yeast infection.

Could a bladder infection during pregnancy cause spotting?

A bladder infection may cause spotting but you might also think about a yeast infection. You may want to let your dr. know about it and they will check it out for you. Yeast infections are real common in pregnancy, But don't get a yeast infection cream until you know for sure that, that's what it is.

Can a urinary tract or yeast infection affect pregnancy test?

No it can not. The bacteria will not change the hormone levels in a pregnancy.

Are over the counter yeast infection medications okay to take after pregnancy?

Yes they are.

Early pregnancy vaginal yellow discharge?

Could it possibly be a yeast infection?

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