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depends where its discharging from.

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Q: Is white runny discharge every day normal?
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Is white discharge a sign of a yeast infection?

White discharge without itching or burning is not a sign of a yeast infection if the discharge is no different from your usual discharge. Women normally have clear or white discharge every day, and this normal discharge is not sign of an infection.

Is it normal to have discharge?

Is it normal 2 have a yellow are white discharge?

What if you get the white discharge every day?


Is it normal for a girl to have a white stuff come from their veinas?

Yes, it's called discharge. Every girl has that.

Is it normal to have a heavy discharge when your pregnant?

Yes this is normal, providing the discharge is white or clear and does not have a odour.

What is the normal color of discharge?

The color that is healthy and the normal for discharge is either white and thick or clear at times.

White creamy discharge?

it's normal.

You been off the shot for more than two years Is it normal to have a white discharge after you stop the depo shot?

White or clear discharge every day without odor or itching is part of the normal human condition for women. This discharge is your body's way of keeping the vagina moist and comfortable.

What should you do if you have a yellowish sometimes white thick milky discharge what could it be?

A thick, milky white discharge is normal and is probably from ovulation (releasing an egg) which is a normal part of every woman's cycle A yellowish discharge, however, can indicate a yeast infection or another type of infection, so it is important that you speak to your doctor about yellow discharge

How to produce thick white semen?

Normal semen is fairly thin and runny.

Is it normal to have white discharge during 35th week of pregnancy?

Yes. It is normal to have white discharge during pregnancy. But there may be itching or foul smelling discharge and in that case you need to consult your gynaecologist.

Egg white discharge be a sign of pregnancy?

Egg white discharge is normal during your regular monthly cycle.

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