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Marijuana and tobacco are quite different in many ways; there is no way to give a numerical equivalence of one to the other. But in either case, smoking is dangerous to your health.

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Q: Is weed equals to 5 cigarettes?
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Does cigarettes cause insanity like weed does?

Maybe there is weed in cigarettes!!

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Yes he smoked weed and cigarettes but he quit the cigarettes but i'm not sure about the weed.

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It really depends on how you mean worst.

What is worse cigarettes or weed?

Cigarettes believe it I heard only 2 people have died from weed which is even hard to believe Lots of people die every year from tobacco related disease such as cancer heart attacks Weed is so much better the stupid people that smoke Cigarettes die but weed they die from being high so weed is better for you i heard from a cop that it helps you with cancer but that is kinda crazy

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She smokes non methol white cigarettes she likes the raspy to her voice and she smokes weed

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If I was forced to choose between the two. I'd choose weed. Because weed, has been medically proven to be healthier on your body than cigarettes. The only unhealthy thing about weed, is the smoke itself, not the marijuana, but just the smoke itself, which is the same from anything. But the smoke from weed, is less unhealthy then cigarette smoke. Plus, weed isn't physically addictive, as in I'm not gonna randomly feel like I need a joint or a bowl. unlike with cigarettes, if I don't have cigarettes, than I'm irritable and easily pissed off.To be honest, I wouldn't mind kicking the habit of cigarettes, but for now, I can afford it so it doesn't bother me too much.

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I think the following story will help you i might weed lowers your sperm count