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Yes. It's still considered marijuana.

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Q: Is wax made from marijuana a felony?
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What is wax Made from marijuana?

This wax is called a dab and what it is is a ball maybe the size of a pebble of pure THC and other components.

Can you vote with a marijuana felony?


Is 6 ounces of marijuana a felony in Tennessee?

using marijuana is a felony is any part of the world, irrespective the quantity handled.

Is marijuana possession a felony in NC?

Marijuana possession is a federal crime in the United States. Generally, anything under an ounce is not a felony, however.

Is selling marijuana a Misdemeanor or a felony?

Selling is a felony...smoking is a misdemeanor... sooooooo get high ;)

How much marijuana does a person have to posstion in order for it to become a felony in the state of Nebraska?

Being in possession of any amount of marijuana in a subsequent offense becomes a felony in the state of Nebraska.

Is possession of marijuana a felony in Nevada?

Possession of narcotics, is illegal in the U.S.A. In Canada, Marijuana is not considered illegal.

Is possession of marijuana a felony in Texas?

Yes and no! Texas has some of the harshest penalties for being in possession of marijuana, but it depends on the amount of marijuana in your possession and your criminal background! First offenses are usually considered a misdemeanor. After repeted violations it is a felony!

How much marijuana is a felony in Delaware?

more than an ounce

How much marijuana is a felony?

An ounce or more in most states

Is marijuana legal in Puerto Rico?

No. Possession of any amount is a felony. Sale or delivery of any amount is a felony. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia is a felony.

When was possession of marijuana less than two ounces a felony?

Since Medical Marijuana came into play, the laws changed. Even if you have your medical card, anything over two ounces is a felony.