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In my opinon, yes. I am also a sixth grader (However I am at a highly advanced level in reading) and I know many peers in my class at a low reading level read and enjoyed Twilight.

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Q: Is twilight a good book for a 6th grader to read at a low reading level?
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Can you recommend a good book for a 2nd grader with a 6th grade reading level?

is there a list of books for a third grader reading at a fifth grade level

What is the book level for My Life in Pink and Green?

The book can be read by a 5th grader. If you are older than that and are having difficulty reading that than try reading an easier book.

Is A Christmas Sonata a 7th grade reading level book?

No, it is more 4th grade reading level, but it should still be interesting to a 7th grader.

How do you read the book twilight?

by reading

Is twilight a good book for a fourth grader at a really high reading level to do a book report on?

No. The Twilight series does not contain real literature aspects such as character development, which is an important concept for a fourth grader (especially one with a high reading level) to grasp. It also contains themes that are not appropriate for a fourth grader, no matter how high the reading levelA fourth grader would be much more suited to do a report on any one of the Harry Potter books, or something else from the Children's section. Don't say that. I read the Harry Potters last year, but that was because I didn't know about Twilight yet. I highly recomend to read it, but not to do a book report for school on. (However, I am an extremly high reading level 5th grader, so...) I have a friend who is terrified of the vampire thing and she's in the 7th grade. Make sure that the class is mature enough for the book aswell as the person giving the report on it. Harry Potter is a bad book to report on. It contains to many subplots. And those are the things that make it good my opinion is if you think YOU can handle the book report and YOU like it then go ahead depending on the maturity level of the class of course (there are some parts that a fourth grade class in teachers words might not be able to handle. good luck!!! =] Hey the one above me has some sense. That is exactly what i think if you get scared then tuff if you don't then that's great as long as you keep reading and choose the right parts to put in you book report than your good to go

Is a fifth grader book right for a fourth grader?

only for fourth graders who are in advanced reading and sometimes its a challenge.

What novel was Bella reading in the Twilight book?

Bella was reading the novel Wuthering heights in the book Twiligh.t

What is the best book ever for a 6th grader I NEED A BOOK?

Im a 6th grader myself and i would recommend Distant Waves, Pretty Little Liars, Twilight, or Smile.

What is better goose bumps or twilight?

In my opinion twilight is betteer because twilight is my favourite book ym it depends on your reading level because twiilight is quite challenging. Also the twilight series is good so oyu might get hooked.

What is a great book that you cannot stop reading?

twilight im reading it rite now

What are Good books for high reading levels?

The Twilight Saga isn't a ver high reading level, but it is a book for mature readers. The Host is also a good book by Stephenie Meyer. There is also Prom Nights From Hell.